Thursday, May 31, 2012

A lot about poop.

Beware Black Hole Lily....Just sayin'...

"POOP!" Lily exclaimed unnecessarily. Her odor preceded her.

"Okay," I replied, taking her tiny hand in mine and leading her to her bedroom to clean her up. As I did, I heard this:

*slap* *slap* *slap*

As I got closer to Lily's room, I grew giddy, and rushed into the closet. I giggled nervously as I heard this:


I closed the door just in time to see Eden's little face in the doorway, and giggled again as she started crying inconsolably.

It wasn't me she wanted. It was the closet.

She has this crazy fascination with Lily's drawers, and takes great pleasure in unloading them haphazardly on the closet floor. That, and she really likes to take advantage of her position while Lily is helpless on the floor.

I finished Lily up, and then left the closet, securing it behind me, and walked out onto the wooden floor. Eden followed me across the kitchen: *slap* *slap* *slap*

I love that sound.

Silly Eden.

But all my kids are silly, despite all my efforts to be frank and honest with them.

As I was fixing breakfast this morning, I pulled out some cheese sticks for the kids' morning protein. Lily spotted what I was doing, and began singing:

"GarblegarbleCHEEgarblegarbleCHEEgarblegarblegarble!" She even wiggled her bottom to express her joy, and finished it off with a satisfied, happy sigh.

We all then sat down.

"Mommy?" Eva said sweetly, as she sat at the table. "What do gremlins do?"

Eva and I had a heart to heart a few weeks ago about her acting like a gremlin, and I went so far as to show her pictures of one, which resulted in all sorts of conversations about how sharp their teeth are, and what they eat, etcetera, and mostly how I want her to stop acting like one, thank you very much.

I turned to her and said, "They go 'grarargrrarrara.'"


She thought for a minute.

"What do bunnies do?"

"They hop around and poop everywhere."

"Yeah..."she said, sounding a little sad about the prospect.

Jeremy grew up having rabbits. That is not a family tradition I intend to let pass on. I don't want an animal that can't control when it poops or that eats its babies.

I really don't want to have to explain that to my littles.

Seems like it would damage their tender hearts.

Or, make them twisted. Josh seems to think that kind of stuff is super funny. And he's developed a deep, barking laugh that punctuates the twistedness of those kind of situations.

Maybe it's a boy thing.

I hope it's a boy thing.


Trillium said...

Silly mommy. :D

Rebecca said...

Too cute! I miss you and your littles. They make me laugh. They make Victor laugh too!

I like cats. You show them where to do their business and they will forever do their business in the same place.

Any rodent seems to have control issues. Evan's chinchilla drives me crazy when he decides to let her out in her exercise ball.

Evan is required to vacuum the entire house and sweep and mop the floors every time he lets her out :(

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