Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hair today...

A few weeks ago, I was working on something important (no, I wasn't editing one of my custom radio stations on Pandora) and I saw an ad for some online store. The model was wearing some kind of atrocity of an outfit complete with clashing colors, but that wasn't what caught my attention. She had a long, beautiful fishtail.

No, she wasn't a mermaid (though that would have made Eva happy, since she's been somewhat downcast since I told her that despite all her hopes she wasn't going to grow up to be a mermaid). Her hair was done in a fishtail. It was so breathtaking to me that I, then and there, decided that nothing was going to stop me from having one too.

Just as a reminder, this was my hair last summer. So, needless to say, it hasn't grown much since then, because I have this magnetic attraction to scissors, but I have managed to save my hair from myself for quite awhile and managed to produce this:
Pay no attention to the horrible editing job on this photo...I haven't mastered Photoshop yet.
Impressive, I know. I have to put it in pony tails everyday because if I didn't I would have a total 70s mullet.


I know it's a long shot for me to even try...I mean, I probably subconsciously thought that I would actually look like the model, complete with the perfect figure and complexion, if I managed to get my hair that long.

But, maybe I will...

...and maybe I'll be a mermaid someday.


Trillium said...

OK then. Good Luck with that! [...speaking as one who once had long hair, never to return to it ...]

Tina said...

OK, so I'm sitting here wishing I had short hair and I might just go cut it soon. My hair is long enough for that fishtail but I want a quick hairdo these days. I don't think we are ever happy are we?

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