Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Race

I ran a race this month.

Two actually.

And they were both against myself.

The first race I started was the National Novel Writing Month race. The basic idea is that you write 50,000 words in one month and you "win." I "won" that nice picture over there you see at the top, right-hand corner of my page. Awesome? Yes...yes it is.

That race took me twenty-six days. TWENTY-SIX DAYS (Well...twenty-three, really, because I didn't write on Sundays, because, that's the Lord's day, and writing about magic on the sabbath seems sacrilegious)! Needless to say, I didn't do much else except NaNoWriMo all month long. So much for all those hand-print mayflowers I was going to do with the kids....and the turkey-shaped bread...and the turkey beanbags...

Emily was my writing buddy. She was like my pacer, helping me, encouraging me, sometimes pushing me down and laughing, but mostly she was supportive. And I made all sorts of friends in the Utah Wrimos chatroom. You will forever be in my soul, GaterlauralAnMollymie12. We are so close....

Anyway, I also ran my FIRST ever race. It was four miles (So, I guess I would call that a 5K Plus. Sounds fancy.), and I ran it with Jenny and Missy. Well, I should say that I ran it with Missy, since Jenny pushed us out of the way and beat us to the finish line by a full 12 minutes. It was definitely an experience. My favorite part (aside from listening to Missy the whole time--I couldn't talk because this was my first 5K Plus...I was, uh...focusing), was the end, when Jenny and Missy were shouting at me, "SPRINT TO THE END! SPRINT TO THE END!" I obliged, and because sprinting didn't hurt my body nearly as much as the jogging did, I liked that most. I've done mental and physical races this month.

I don't think I want to do either again.

For a long time.

You see, after the race on Thanksgiving, I hobbled around my house for the rest of the day (and the day after...and the day after that...and probably will tomorrow...). I looked down to see my brain hobbling around next to me on its weak little legs. I should have just stomped on it and put it out of its misery.

Anyway...I finished. I may not have had the best time out of everybody competing, but I finished.

And now I want to just eat a obscene amount of ice cream.

You are super lucky I blogged, because, I gotta tell ya, honey, I didn't feel like it. I'm tired.


Trillium said...

Hooray for you!!

Zaphod said...

I liked doing nanowrimo. It taught me a lot about the production of the Book of Mormon..... impossible unless it is what it says it is.

As for the run, I did a SpecialK run once. It required me to sprint up the stairs from the den to the kitchen. I was completely exhausted

Bethany said...

Good for you on both races. Woohoo!

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