Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Bed

Sorry for the unedited pictures. Jeremy's computer grew up in the Great Depression.

Not that I am not EXTREMELY grateful that I have it!


I love my bed. It's a lovely bed, and it does bed things, like let me sleep in it. It's great. I don't think it could be any better than it is, even if I had just bought it new yesterday. Nothing says love like wear and tear.

Jeremy loves our bed too. It's a magical bed. Jeremy can fall asleep in it in 30 seconds flat (no joke...although that could be due to the fact that he wakes up at 4 AM and works 10-hour days...maybe...).

The problem is that Jeremy is a snuggler.

And as I have said many many many many many times before, I, unfortunately, am not.

If I unravel myself like I am wont to do I run the risk of giving Jeremy he wrong idea. He thinks any other position than a fetal one is an indication that I want to snuggle.

Me no likey snuggles.

Personally, I think that Jeremy snuggles at every chance because he knows I'll curl up in a ball on the edge of the bed, giving him the opportunity to take over the whole sleeping space.

I'm on to him.

I'm gonna start wearing porcupine pelts as pajamas so I can sleep how I like.

In the middle of the bed.



I loved the pictures. It pretty much sums up me and Brandon. Although, he actually thinks that I take up more of the bed, so I've been known to get out the measuring tape and show him the 6 inches of place between me and the edge, and the three feet of space between him and the edge! I think I only let him get away with it because he's so tall. He talks about wanting a king bed, but I tell him I don't see the point. I'll still be crowded over at the edge, and he'll still be sleeping in the middle! :)

Rebecca said...

i think the fetal position is a favorite of the hyde sisters. It is our defense position... :)

I like the middle of the bed too. Especially over the past 10 days since surgery.

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