Monday, October 10, 2011


We've all been trucking along over here at the dandelion patch…

Can I just tell you, I love home schooling?

No, that wasn't a sarcastic tone you heard.

Besides bonding with my eldest Dandeling, I’m learning lots of stuff. We extensively studied the process of mummification last week. It went something like this:

Me: “Okay, so the Egyptian priests would shove a stick up the person’s nose, and then yank the brain out.”

Dandelings: *GASP* “Why???”

Me: “Because they thought that the brain was useless. Anyway…So, then they would pull the organs out, and put them in canopic jars, except for the heart, which they would wrap up in linen and then put back into the chest cavity…”

Dandelings: *GASP* “WHY???”

Me: “So that Osiris could measure the person and see if they were good or not based on their heart. If they were good, they went to heaven, if they were bad, some giant dog would eat them…So, then they would wash the body, fill the body with resin, wrap it up, wait fourty days, and then do it all over again…”

This produced a slew of mummy pictures and monuments to King Tut.

It’s fun. We finished off the week by making paper bag owls and owl cookies (nothing to do with mummies, but I had to end with something at least remotely normal…although, stuffing the owls had a sort of ethereal feeling associated with it, and I wondered how they would fair with Osiris…).

I’m constantly amazed at how easy everything is for Josh (despite my above illustration). I probably wouldn't like home schooling so much if it wasn't.

And I’m learning how much I don’t know.

Like the other day, after getting some interesting produce from Bountiful Baskets.

I got this long, purple thing in my “Asian pack.”

So I Binged “exciting Asian vegetables” (which, on second thought, don’t search that. It might produce some super “exciting“ results that you may not enjoy…).

Me: “Uh…OH! Here we go… it’s an aubergine. Man, this whole time I thought it was an eggplant.”

Jeremy: *silence*

Me: “I wonder what an aubergine is…*typity typity* …Oh…it’s an eggplant.”

Jeremy: “…huh?”

Me: “Nothing…let’s just chop it up and throw it on the pizza, under the cheese, that way the kids won’t notice.”

It almost worked. Eva started picking them off her pizza, exclaiming that she didn't like mushrooms.

Me: “Eva, it’s NOT a mushroom…”

Eva: “What is it?” *dubious look*

Me: “It’s not a mushroom….just eat it.”
Good thing for me, aubergineggplanties don’t taste like anything, so they just turned into sauce-flavored chunky bits.

Nothing like eggplant to fool the picky eaters.

They’re all going to end up looking like this guy:

I think I’ll name him Aubergine (he's a skeleton, in case you couldn't tell..he will bring a joy into your life that only Ben could tell you about...).

*For all you crafty crafters out there, I have started contributing to this blog. I‘ll post my Aubergine tutorial there! You can also find my mummy tutorial too (no, I didn't actually mummify something, although, I might be tempted to mummify my cat when she passes on. I love that cat.).*


Les said...

I totally agree! I am teaching preschool to Mark right now and it is amazing how fast he is catching on to things. True we have our bad days when he is all over the place but really we are having a great time. I am glad you are to. And like you said it is such a great bonding time with your little one.

Trillium said...

"Sponges" are fun to teach. They soak up everything. :)

Tina said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying home school. It definitely takes a special person to be able to home school their kids. I'm not special...
You are wonderful and I love how blunt and open you are with your kids. It's ironic, just the other day I told the kids about mummies during lunch. Great times, great times!!

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