Monday, October 3, 2011


So, last night I was thinking about my blog, and what I was going to post today, and it was totally awesome!

And between the hours of midnight and right now, I totally forgot what it was.

But know it was awesome.

Because awesome is what you deserve.

What sparked the idea was Pepper's undying love for Jeremy.

Every morning, when Jeremy goes into the garage to put his shoes on, Pepper has left a tiny present in his shoe.

Usually it's styrofoam.

Jeremy, for some reason, doesn't find it cute.

I have to admit I am rather jealous of Pepper's obvious preference for Jeremy.

Or, at least, his shoes.

She doesn't snuggle with my shoes.

But, she does sit by my head and sniff my face when I am in The Blue Rocking Chair (I will have to blog about this chair...).

It's a special thing to receive presents from a cat.

Like the presents she left all over our floor Conference morning in the shape of poorly digested kitty kibble.


That was tasty.

I told Jeremy I would clean it up, and he could hold the baby.

"No, that's okay," he replied, rolling bits of kitty kibble into a wet wipe, and then drenching the carpet with windex.

"No, really, I'll do it," I insisted.

"No, Dara, it's okay, I don't mind..."

Really? Even avid cat lovers "mind" cleaning up kitty barf.

"Jeremy, take the baby."


I then plopped Eden in his arms and went to work.


Why did I do this?

Because Jeremy is the sort who will clean it until there is a hole in the carpet.

And that is pointless.

Because we all know that where once a kitty barfs, kitty barf stays.


And that's why you should never eat off the carpet.


Tina said...

I'll log that information away for sure... don't eat off the carpet... thanks Dara!!!


yeah, I usually have great, inspirational, witty things to blog about that I think of late at night. Then, in the morning, I have no idea what it was! Sad. And thanks for the heads up - I'll remember not to eat off your carpet :)

Trillium said...

I'm at the stage in which a brief flitting idea for a blog comes at me with the speed of light, and then is gone in less than 60 seconds.... *poof*

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