Thursday, July 28, 2011


"MOM! Can I see your muscle??"

That was Eva's innocent inquiry to see my (apparently) one and only muscle.

I obliged her and flexed my arm.

It made me tired.

Joshua swelled with son-ly pride, and said,

"You are strong! Are you stronger than Daddy?"

I seriously wondered for a minute if I was, and then replied, just in case I was wrong (after all, I will probably never really see how strong he is, since when we rough house, he won't play dirty...but, boy, do I...*Jeremy weeping and wailing, and me gnashing my teeth*),

"No, Daddy is stronger than me."

Josh thought for a second.

"So, he's so strong he could punch you down?"

He said "punch" like "PUNCH!" with lots of spit and extra umph-ing to the "CH" sound.

"Josh, Daddy has never hit me."

"NEVER???" He asked, unbelieving. I guess to my little man, hitting females is a matter of course to show who is boss. He doesn't seem to connect in his brain that sisters+hitting=massive amounts of timeout.


I immediately felt a swelling of gratitude and love in my heart that my husband has never raised his hand to me in anger (or at all).

I feel like I live in a sugar cube sometimes, with how lucky and blessed I have been.

Makes me think of something I read once:

"When God handed out good lives, why did he give one to me?"


Trillium said...

Ahhhh--how sweet.

BTW: Macey's is selling their lined paper (in spiral bound notebooks) for 20 cents!


That's cute! I love the drawing!

Les said...

Thank you for the reminder to be greatful. Life can get crazy and it is easy to forget to be greatful for the good things we have.

Rebecca said...

pretty cute picture

Tiffany said...

That is so very cute!!! and I LOVE your fun stick figure art! you really are very talented!

Tara said...

Aww, that is really sweet! I was actually really touched by that!

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