Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do you always want what you think you want?

My drawing pen went missing.

It's a demoralizing thing to lose something that produces such magicalness. And, as you can see, I feel the same way about that pen as I do about David Bowie.

I searched high and low to no avail. I couldn't think where it could possibly be. I mean, the kids don't play in the computer drawer where I keep the pen, so I knew they didn't move it. The only possible conclusion I could draw was that I somehow lost it (which isn't inconceivable, what with my brain being on sabbatical).

It was a sad day...

I had to endure drawing pictures with the inferior blue pen...

I was pretty bummed by the time Jeremy got home. He apparently didn't pick up on my pen bereftness, and handed me the check book.

"Hey, would you void out this check?" He asked, handing me MY PEN. "YOU TOOK MY PEN!" I exclaimed, snatching it from his dirty, unworthy hands.



Jeremy wasn't impressed. So, I just grumbled about him wasting my precious ink on a check, and voided it out (which, on reflection, also causes me consternation, since they are my Hello Kitty checks, and just as you shouldn't write a check with David Bowie, you should never waste a Hello Kitty check. I mean, those things are like paper gold. And I bear no small amount of bitterness about the fact that Jeremy insisted that we trade off and I had to endure the humiliation of ordering Classic Mustang checks. That box is going to last forever...).

I'm glad I have my pen back. But...The blue pen writes better, I have to admit. And...there is more ink in it. And..I have a whole bunch of the same kind, so if I lose one, it's not a bad thing...Maybe I'll use the black one on special occasions.

But I don't know.


Katscratchme said...

What about a pen that looks like David Bowie in his Goblin King outfit... ohhhh yeaaaaah..... mmmm..!!

Trillium said...

"do you always want what you think you want" --- what is that from???? It's going to make me crazy. I know it (or something like it) is from ... something!!! AAARRRGH!!!

shydandelion said...

Ha ha ha! :D I'm afraid all that time I spent hanging out in your closet listening to books on tape warped my mind so that Maurice Sendak leaks through. I don't have a brain...I have a full moon in my skull.

Trillium said...

I felt sure it was Sendak, but which one? It still hasn't come to me.

Trillium said...

OH!!!! WAIT!!!!! It just came to me: Kenny's Window. It was always my favorite.

Rebecca said...

i personally like Jenny the Dog "There must be more to life than having everything." "Hilgity, Pigilty, Pop! The Dog has eaten the mop! The Pig's in a hurry the cats in a scurry! Hilgity, Pigilty, Pop!"

Thanks to the many times of reading this to you I have it forever memorized along with "Each Peach, Pear, Plum", "Pierre" and "A, Allegators All Around."

My kids think I am crazy, so do my co-workers.

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