Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Place to Lay My Head Down

I am pretty independent.

My life is full, and keeps me busy, so I really don't feel lonely very often.

But sometimes...

Sometimes, when I'm having a hard day, I turn around, and look around me, hoping somebody will be there for me to rest my head on their shoulder for a minute, until I can breathe again.

For someone to just listen when I tell them what is troubling my heart...

...and for them to just love me, not fix me.

For someone to just hug me because they can't help it, because they know I need it.

And I am sure it's because of who I am that these things don't happen.

I'm not social.

I don't have much to say (off my blog, at any rate).

And so, maybe, there isn't much for people to hold on to and do anything with.

And maybe it's because I'm not, myself, very affectionate. But I do love.

I love people so much.

In a perfect world, my perfect world, everyone would fit into each other's hearts.

No one would be forgotten, or unloved.

There would be a danger of feeling too much, I suppose, but I would rather feel all that, than the nothing that comes at times.

So, my heart cries out for to feel another heart.

For a place to lay my head down.


Trillium said...


You must have amnesia. It must be the pregnancy talking. Or its cabin fever talking. Cooped up with sick kids while being sick has distorted your perspective. Today the sky is blue and it should be warmer. Come on over and look at Gordon's crocuses!!!

Tina said...

Sometimes I feel the same way, especially today finding out I'm still on bed rest for two more weeks. I feel lonely A LOT lately! I wish we lived closer to each other! You are wonderful Dara and your family sure is lucky to have you!!! As am I as your friend!!!!

Rebecca said...

i totally understand the feelings... I'm glad you called me yesterday. It helped a little.

I wanted so much to have a hug and I wasn't getting it from any one in my house...

I ended up in the bathroom with the door locked curled up in a ball in the bathtub... :(

I think we all need a shoulder.

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