Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Little People's--not the Pilgrim's--Progress

...I suppose I shouldn't reference a book I haven't read. I recall I tried when I was a kid, but either I am blocking it, or I gave up.

Anyway, that's not the point.

A LOT has happened in the last few months, and I have been meaning to give updates, but I frequently end up walking around in circles because I forget what I am doing and haven't done it yet. So, here we go.


I was standing in the kitchen doing something. Josh was standing in the kitchen...doing something...and he came over to me to ask me...something. He stopped, and stared at my belly. His eyebrows came together, and he squinted his eyes, and he said,

"I'm not mad..."

No, I don't have an emotional wreck of a kid. He was reading my shirt (which stated, "I'm not mad, just grumpy.").

A few days later we were driving over to the auto repair shop and Josh was staring out the window at everything. As we were sitting there, he quietly sounded out, "J-i-i-i-f-f-f-y" out of Jiffy Lube. Must be doing something right! He can sound out just about anything, and he has taken to writing letters to people (complete with a handmade envelope) and insists I read them all. His favorite phrase to write is "I love you" and "I will give you a present." I think Christmas really had an effect on him.

When I first embarked on my homeschooling adventure, I was full of apprehension. Sure, I know how to read, but how do I teach that to my kid??? After wading through much curriculum, we have found what works (and what works exceptionally well) and Josh is thriving. I LOVE it! My little sponge...It's nice to be able to ask my 6-year-old, "What's the biggest mountain range in the world called???" and he replies, in a mildly blase tone, "The Himalayas...*yawn*" He is a very quick study, and I think I have been really spoiled with how smart he is.


All of the sudden, my little baby girl turned into a little lady. It's very useful, since now she can tell me exactly what Joshua is doing at any given moment, in clear, albeit high-pitched, English. It was weird. I guess little people brains collect everything and then when it's all full, it suddenly dumps out. It's fun hearing what she has to say, and she constantly surprises me with how verbose she is. Of course...she IS a girl...and she IS part Hyde, so I shouldn't be so shocked.

She has really enjoyed being privy to Josh's schooling, and has picked some stuff up. My favorite thing to hear from her is "The Big Pig Song," from Hooked on Phonics:

There was a PIG

and he was BIG

He liked to DIG

and wear a WIG

he did a JIG

and ate a FIG

he was a BIG, BIG PIG!

The Eva version is more like this:

mmmmmmhhhrrmmm a PIG

mmmmmhhhrrrmmmm BIG

mmmhhrrrmmmm to DIG

Mmmhhhrrrrrmmmm WIG

Mmmhhrrmmm a JIG

mmmhhrrrmmm FIG

he was a BIG, BIG FIG! Uh...Pig...

I love her little mother tendencies. She often comes up and kisses my belly, and says, "I like your baby..." and give me a shy smile. The question that usually follows is, "Is your baby coming out?" And when I tell her no, she says, "In two minutes?" This is going to be a long two months...I remember telling her once that the baby was "swimming in water" in my belly, and she often talks about it, and about having one in her tummy (which disturbs Jeremy, and he insists on telling her that she won't have one until she is big and MARRIED).


My perpetual 9-month-old is going to be 16 months in a few days. I have gotten so used to her being my tiny baby, I am startled every time she does something age appropriate (her vocabulary has increased from "Hi," "Hello," and "Cat," --and of course Mama and Dada--to, I am pretty sure, "Dara," "Eva," "How," and "Hey.").

She loves to sing and dance, and often rocks out in her car seat when I have the radio on in the car, much to the entertainment of her brother and sister.

For a while I was worried about her not walking, but she got around just fine (and extremely fast) just by crawling, so I let it go. A few weeks ago, she took some tentative, shaky, independent steps, and ever since, has been trying to get better (and I am sure all the clapping and yaying everyone does is a strong motivator).

Yesterday, I was putting dishes in the dishwasher, and I looked up to see Lily sidling her way diagonally through the kitchen with a pleased grin plastered on her face. She caught my eye, waggled her eyebrows and laughed a little as she minced from view. I think I have a born entertainer (another Hyde thing I shouldn't be surprised by).

Speaking of drama...

Something all children have trouble with is patience. Lily is no exception. I was struggling to get breakfast out to the kids, and she was complaining, and I said, "Just be patient! I'm going as fast as I can!" And as I turned around to finish, I heard a "THUNK." I looked back to see Lily bent in half with her head on the floor between her legs. Drama queen...

I can't wait to see what our new little lady is going to be like! Just a few more weeks...


Trillium said...

Lots of fun! :)

Trillium said...

By the way, I have photos of my 2 little boys with that same expression on their faces as your photo of Josh!

Tina said...

Eva reminds me of Cloey when I was pregnant with Jacob AND John. She would always say, "Like in two minutes?" Or something along that line and with John she would always say that she loved my baby. Love that age!!! We are both so close and I'm so excited!!! You sure have such cute kids!!

Rebecca said...

too funny! my favorite part was Lilly being impatient. I asked Aislyn if she could still do that - she said no.

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