Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dragging my feet...

I have to admit...

I've been avoiding blogging.

Because I don't have the energy to do my giveaway...

At the moment...

Maybe I'll postpone it until my 450th blog...?

By then, unless by some crazy wackiness of the universe, I should no longer be sick/pregnant/other (I don't know what my "other" is, but it covers all my bases).

So, forgive me, my sparse, but highly loved readers, and wait with eager anticipation for my 450th blog for something exciting!

And now for your entertainment...and a TMI warning (you've been warned, so you can't give me crap):

I was waddling down the hallway (something I didn't really understand why I did, because, really, I don't weigh that much, and my belly isn't that big, and then I realized it's because my pelvic bones have indeed shifted, giving me a wider stance, something that has happened every time I've been pregnant, but for some silly reason, I never connected the two ideas together...) and into the little girls' room, and Eva came running up behind me.

"What are you doing??" She gasped. "I need to come in!" She exclaimed, trying to elbow her way around me (no easy feat...I mean, I am hauling around a soft boulder in front of me.)

I stopped her in her tracks.

"No, I need to go potty."

She started at me with wide eyes.



"Because I need to poo."

Wide eyes again.



"Because I ate food, and it made its way through my stomach, and now it's coming out."

She paused for a moment, and said, very quietly,


TMI? Yes...even for a 3-year-old.


Enjoying Life . . . One day at a time! said...

That wasn't too much, it was just hilarious! I love good potty talk! :)

Tina said...

Ya, I agree!! I think it's so funny saying things to the kids and have them look at us like we are crazy... ha, ha, ha!!!

Oh, and I waddle too. I just can't help it. It kind of helps a little to take off the pressure. Only a few weeks left for both of us... wahooo!!

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