Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fast Falls the Evening Tide...

I was sitting in the temple last night. Jeremy and I decided we wanted to do a sealing session.

The only problem with sealings is (if you have a sealer who is going lickity-split...and ours was...) you can't "soak" it in, if you know what I mean.

As I sat in my chair, though, and watched the sealer check off the names on the sheets of paper, I looked out the window at the dark night. The temple was peaceful and quiet, and you could tell everything was winding down, since it was closing soon, and I had a thought.

The dark night and the evident urgency of the sealer impressed upon me that we, too, are drawing to a close. This is the final hour, and there is so much to do. I didn't think, turning my mind back to our session, that we would be able to finish all the names. And I wasn't sure I would make it. Every time I stood up, my heart would race, and as I knelt, I could feel myself coming dangerously close to fainting (I sort of wonder if the people in the sealing office cringe when little pregnant patrons waddle in...).

But, I made it. And we finished.

I know the work on Earth will finish. That is a promise.

I can only hope I make it.

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Trillium said...

I can empathize with the Sealer. Most of the time, while I am doing family history research, I feel a compelling urgency to hurry. It's as if the spirits who are ready and waiting, are hurrying me along. It gives a fresh insight to Robert Frost's words: "other scenes of haste."

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