Thursday, December 30, 2010

Opposite sides of the brain

I was standing at Michael's, staring at small, feather Christmas trees. The bright yellow "70% off" sign had successfully lured me in.

Joshua was wiggling, Eva was squirming, and Lily had big, fat tears dripping down her chubby cheeks as evidence that she was missing something, but heaven knew what, and even she has since forgotten and was contenting herself with stretching as far as she could out of the cart to grab loose, plastic foliage.

"Which do I choose...?" I queried out loud.

Frustrated, I gave up. I'll just call Jeremy...

"Hello?" He answered.

"Hey, so I am standing here at Michael's and they have these small, feather Christmas trees, and they have red, white and green ones, and I don't know if I should get three white ones, or one of each, or three of each, since they are 70% off..."

"Wait, what are you looking at?"

"Small, feather Christmas trees. Ya know, for decorations."

Silence. I am sure he was thinking how ludicrous this was. And frankly, I was beginning to thinking how ludicrous it was that I was even calling him.

"Uh, well, why don't you just stand them next to each other and see how they look," he said, obviously not interested as soon as he realized that I was talking about girly-crafty stuff.

"I did that already, and they look good either way, so..."

"Uh," he said again, probably poking his eye with a nearby pencil to distract him from the mental anguish I was putting him through. "I don't know...I am not there, so I really can't say" ("and I am really glad I'm not," I am sure he was thinking.).

"I KNOW," I replied. "And it's annoying...Oh well, I guess I will get one of each color" (and then force you to look at them for a lengthy amount of time later) "and come back" (and drag you with me) "if I decided to do something different."

Jeremy gave an audible shudder (very tricky to do over the phone, but he managed it, he distress was that great), and gave a weary "okay."

"Okay, bye."

My heart fluttered a little as I walked away from the feathery wonders with only three in my cart...maybe I'll go back later just so I can look at them...


Trillium said...

This too shall pass! Really!

Rebecca said...

Victor likes to take me window shopping... I will tell him know 75% of the time. He always asks me why. I tell him because I will want to buy and I can't have it because I don't have any money and it will make me sad and depressed. So, no. I do not want to go. Let's eat something instead.

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