Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sometimes when it rains, and it pours, you just need to kick back in a puddle.

As you are all painfully aware, I've struggled the last 2 months (9 weeks...63 days...) being sick and depressed. And to top it all off, my sciatic nerve decided to freak out.

And I swore to myself that this was IT. NO MORE. "I don't want to be pregnant ever again!" I yelled to the skies (and to Jeremy, who didn't take it as well as the sky did).

I was walking down the hallway a few days ago, and I thought, "Gee, 9 weeks isn't so bad..." and I stopped myself, spun myself around, smacked my face as hard as I could, and told myself to knock it off. It's like my body is trying to trick me into having a baker's dozen.

Well, with the light shining brightly at the end of the tunnel, fate stepped in just as I was starting to feel slightly less crumpled and broken.

I was walking down the hallway a few days ago (gee...I think I'm having deja vu), and was intent on doing something (I was fully charged, but chances are I didn't know then any more than I do now what I was planning on doing on the other side of that hallway. Ah, the sad realities of pregnant insanity.), when my ankle gave out, rolled, and I swear I felt something pop. Uh oh...

I spent the rest of the day on whatever I was doing (mostly going up and down the hallway because I couldn't remember what I was doing), and, unsurprisingly, my foot got worse, and the pain started up my leg (right up to the point where my sciatic nerve pain ended on it's way down from my pelvis). I thought, "Well, it will be better by tomorrow..."

Tomorrow came, and LO! it still hurt like the dickens, and on top of that, my face was starting to implode. I woke up with a dry mouth, and gasped for air. Apparently, I caught something from one of my primary kiddies last week. And here I thought the poor kid had allergies...which really doesn't make sense since it's the middle of November. So, I pulled myself together as best I could, limping and sniffing as I went, using my shirt as a tissue (I was going to post a picture of someone sneezing, but all the spit I saw spewing forth from the models' mouths made me want to gag). The planets aligned and I got to take a nap. If I felt like death warmed over before the nap, after I complained to Jeremy about it.

"I FEEL LIKE CRAP!" I exclaimed. I wheezed a little (out of necessity) before I continued. "And I even got a NAP in! It's just sad!"

Jeremy laughed, and said, "That is sad..."

It made me feel better that I made him laugh, and I thought to myself, "Well, it will all be better by tomorrow..."

Yeah.. no. I woke up and discovered a new development.

*Cough cough* Great...

Thus necessitated Jeremy making a drug/ace bandage run to Wally World.

Can I tell you? I actually got GIDDY when I opened that box of Sudafed.

After taking it, Jeremy wrapped my foot, and then set up our bedroom so I could just sit in bed all day playing video games and watching movies.

It would have been ideal if the kids didn't think the new set up as fun and exciting as I did. They all piled up on the bed and took turns beating me with pillow and jumping on my bad leg. The kids went to bed early.

Jeremy and I spent the rest of the evening watching movies and playing games. I decided at that point that I should probably unwrap my foot, so it wouldn't swell while I was sleeping. I pulled it off, and gingerly stepped down on it.


Something went back in.

But it still hurt, so I didn't really think anything of it.

This morning, though...


I hopped out of bed and carefully walked over to the window and opened the blinds. So far so good...I then walked around in circles a whole bunch of times just to make sure it was okay.

Things were looking up! I decided to go open all the other blinds in the house. I stepped out of our room, and....


Out again.

Sigh...Oh well. At least I know it's not broken.

And I got to sit in bed all morning thinking about baby names (which I think I am pretty sure about...I just need to run them by Jeremy. Just to be nice, of course, since, really, I have named all the kids).

One of my friends called me up last night, and asked me how I was doing. I had to admit that I wasn't feeling down about how things were, now that I was feeling good, pregnancy wise. She commended me for my good attitude (don't point fingers at my current blog...I am trying to be funny).

And I just thought to myself, "Ya know...Sometimes, when it rains, and it pours, you just need to kick back in a puddle and enjoy it."


Tina said...

Oh Dara!!! I'm so sorry for all the crazy stuff life has been throwing at you! Does NOT sound like fun at all!!
But, I do like the fact that you are thinking about baby names. How exciting. Tyler is totally into helping name the kids and has a strong opinion so it gets kinda fun around here... (smile)
Good luck this week. I hope it goes better!!

Katscratchme said...

Maybe you wouldn't have gotten sick if you could just resist the temptation to lick your primary kids' faces.. I mean.. that's a habit you've really got to curb.

Bethany said...

Seriously? How much crap should one poor girl have to handle? Well, at least your ankle isn't broken ...

Rebecca said...

you should ice your ankle for 15 mins every evening... this will help with the healing process.

I am glad your prego sickness is gone... :)

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