Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All I wanna do is a zoom zoom zoom and a boom boom!

I am a doer.

I must do...

So, now that all I want to do is throw up all the time, I feel really really bad (and I am sure the hormones raging through my body aren't helping either.), and berate myself for not having everything "just so."

I stood in the shower and (once again trying not to toss my cookies in the overly-luke-warm water will make you want to throw up, in case you didn't know...) gave Jeremy my "why???" face.

"What?" He said, his face crumpling like so many pieces of tossed away paper.

"Why can't I be happy if things aren't perfect?? I mean, I want things perfect NOW, but I know that it take years...but I want it, and I am miserable because I can't have it!"

He nodded sagely, but failed to look wise in his birthday suit. None of us do. We just look silly.

"I am a perfectionist, too..."

He then said something deep and poignant which my pregnant brain threw out as adware and started thinking about magnadoodles.

I don't know why God made pregos crazy...maybe it's so we can appreciate being normal when it's all over.


Rebecca said...

you are funny! I'm eating my lunch and I almost spit it out :)

I love reading your blogs; they make me smile and makes my 30 minute lunch... :)

by the way; i am glad you read my blogs :)

Trillium said...

So sorry you are feeling barfie. :(

Tina said...

I totally agree! I feel so bad for Tyler when I'm pregnant. It's no fun but the end result is definitely worth every bad feeling don't you think? Good luck!!

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