Monday, August 2, 2010

Very Far Away

"Can I just let the kids watch TV for the next three days?" I asked Jeremy, feeling a little on the low side...

He smiled indulgently and said, "Do whatever you wish, darling."

Normally I only let my kids watch TV one or two days a week. No, I am not some crazy fanatic. I am a mom who has come to the realization that my kids turn into energy-filled devils (kind of like eclairs, but in a bad way...crap! Now I want eclairs!) if they have too much TV. But, Jeremy...oh going to be gone until Wednesday. Oh horrors.

When Jeremy is MIA, I usually turn into a cleaning freak, and make my house all sparkly. Jeremy inevitably comes home and decides to declare his territory and "marks" it his. There is always a little trail leading from the door to the bedroom. It usually goes:

Lunch box




wad of papers (which he always carries around...I don't know what they are, and I don't think HE knows what they are, but they have been in his pocket so long, I think they are a part of his psyche now.)

shirt (I don't know why he needs to undress himself. Maybe he is a closet nudist.)



And then he ends it all by smushing my pristinely straight bedding by curling up in a ball in them, like some small, burrowing animal (the term "potgut" comes to mind).

But I miss him all the same....It's nice having a warm body next to you in bed that isn't smacking you in the face with their tiny paws and meowing in your ear...(I pulled Pepper into bed with me this morning after Jeremy left. It wasn't the same...that cat ain't too bright...she kept bonking her head on the boxspring. And yesterday, she under-shot the couch and slid her belly though my icecream. But, she made the best of it... I mean, wouldn't you try and lick your stomach if you had hot fudge slathered all over it?? I would...)

Lily tried to console me this morning by showing me what a big girl she is by sitting up! All by herself!


Jeremy will be in Phoenix in a few minutes...and then tomorrow he is off to Minne-SO-ta. This damsel in distress is pining for her knight in shining armor to come home and slay her dragons..... And big fat ones they are too...


Chris said...

Yeah, we have also learned that too much TV makes our kids onry and crazy. Although, sometimes it is the best babysitter when you are trying to get something done...

leafhopper said...

Or when mom's away..

Katscratchme said...

Or when you feel like you just might destroy them if they ask you... one... MORE.... QUESTION!!!

Trillium said...

Dragon-slayers to the rescue!! Hooray for dragon-slayers. ;)

Trillium said...

VFA--"is where horses dream dreams..." ... "is where I want to be..."

Rebecca said...

i thought you were going to quote the book... :)

I know what it like to have the man of the house very far away and it makes me sad too!

It's always nice when they come home :)

hang in there! :)

Tiffany said...

Dara, I love how you write! You're so funny! I have to say having my kids watch TV is how i get through the day sometimes... okay almost every day.

Anyway, the person who took our photos is a friend of a friend and she did them at our house. If you want the link to her website let me know.

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