Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Jeremy has a hard time sharing.

It's true!

A few days ago, Jeremy and I were getting ready in the bathroom. Jeremy pulled his toothbrush out of the drawer along with the toothpaste, uncapped the toothpaste and then looked closely at his toothbrush.

I was busy brushing my teeth, and was looking at him sideways.

"Uh...did one of the kids get a hold of my toothbrush?" He queried, his brow furrowed.

"No," I spat (into the sink). "I don't think so."

"Well, there's hair all over it..."

I snorted in remembrance.

"I gave it to Lily so she would be happy," I smiled charmingly.

He just glared.

I then pulled out the penitent, wide-eyed, sad face.

"What? You can't be mad about me giving it to Lily..."

He sighed (that most patient of patient men) and plead with me.

"Would you please not give it to her?"

I didn't put up a fight...but I didn't agree either.

A few days later...


I played dumb.

"There is hair in my tooth brush...and a bug...."

"It made Lily so happy..."

"I don't care, would you please stop???"

I sniffed.


Sheesh...Jeremy needs to learn how to share.


Katscratchme said...

Dood... just buy her her own... LOL

Rebecca said...

agree with emily... get her a super soft tooth brush :)

or you could give her yours :)

Bethany said...

OK, I'm with Jeremy on this one. I wouldn't want to share either. Gross.

Chris said...

I have this cool story to tell you some time about tooth brushes in France. Remind me, and I will tell you.

Tina said...

Come on Jeremy... you are all part of the same family right?!?
J/K! I think of all things toothbrushes should be kept to a limit of just one persons mouth... at least it didn't drop in the toilet... do you know that Seinfield episode? So funny!!!

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