Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Most of the time, I am a very careful driver.

I mean, my cargo, after all, is very precious.

However, the other day, I was going lickity-split down State street, and was bouncing from lane to lane, trying to get where I needed to go as quickly as possible (I don't know if it was the music I was listening to, or the fact that Lily is a ticking time-bomb, or I had too many bananas that morning or what. I was just driving really fast.)

You know it's bad when you are leaning forward and practically resting on the steering wheel, willing the people in front of you to just PLEASE GET OUT OF MY WAY!!! Everyone was going so slooowww...I suppose it is relative, though, because at one point I looked down and was going over 50 mph.

If that wasn't enough of an indication that I was driving like a crazy person, Eva was holding on to her car seat screeching, "WEEE!!" every time I changed lanes (I kid you not).

I think I am more suited to the Autobahn.

In other news, I got Josh registered for school today (loooooonnngggggggg story), and I sat in the school office perplexed. One of the questions I had to answer was, "Race?" I hemmed and hawed trying to squeeze out the spelling of "Caucasian" wondering if it was with a -tian, or just a -son, or what. I scribbled a little just to hide any misspellings (heaven forbid that I, a possessor of the great English Baccalaureate, should misspell any werd). On the next page, it asked the same thing for some other purpose, but had a handy little box to check that said "white." I suppose I could have just done that, but I didn't think it was politically correct. It seems to me that if we are going to be literal, I would have to put down that Josh is a pasty yellowy-cream color. Like the Boston Creme pie yogurt he kiefed from Grammy's fridge yesterday.

On the way home, I got stuck behind some troglodyte who insisted on going the speed limit. Couldn't he HEAR my little Lily screaming bloody murder?? Sheesh!


Tina said...

Someday you'll have to post your loooooong story about Josh going to Kindergarten!!
I loved the whole "white" story. You made me laugh. I get caught up on that question too sometimes. Funny!!

Rebecca said...

driving like a crazy person?!?!?! I think that is a genetic trait we got from dad :)

I drive like a crazy person too - usually when I am listening to my "MAD" music (that's what I call anything that is not easy listening; classical or hymns) :)

my kids used to laugh when I drove fast. They still laugh when Victor and I are racing against each other to get home from church. When he takes the bike he wins :) When he takes the truck I win :)

The kids wager foot rubs and dinner making for the losing vehicle :)

Trillium said...

Going to "traffic school" in Pleasant Grove will cure you of having a lead foot. I am a witness.

Bethany said...

Don't even get me started on how I feel about other drivers. And my husband? That's another story for another day. We try to keep our cool though, ever since William started yelling at cars. "Come on, MOVE!"

Your spelling dilemma made me chuckle out loud. Silly girl.

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