Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pushing Buttons

Pictures from our trip to California

The following conversation happened last night at dinner:

"Mom," Joshua says, very seriously. "You are the oeiurapoij and Daddy is the owiutpoie."

"Okay," I say, munching my dinner.

"And I am the King, and Eva is the Queen."

I blinked.

Eva protested.

"NoOoO...I am BUG."

"Okay," Josh, quickly agrees. "You are bug, and I'm the King."

"I'm a LADY bug," Eva clarifies.

Ha ha ha!

During scriptures after dinner:

"Mom, what is a 'wilderness'?"

"It's a forest...You know, lots of trees..."

He thought for a second.

"What is a tree?" He could barely contain his mischievous smile and the twinkle in his eye.

I gave him the look, and kept reading.

A few minutes later:

"What is 'mortality'?"

"It means being in your body."

The twinkle returned.

"What is a body?"


I continued.

A minute later:

"Mommy, the sun is hot, like fire..."

I turned a glare on my little boy, anticipating what was coming.

"...what is fire?"


Sigh...I'm hoping that my attempts at spirituality with my children aren't canceled out due to my temper!


Katscratchme said...

Audrey asks the same questions during movies at exactly the same time. I know she knows, but she just wants to hear my answer.
I've taken to saying, "You know..." and she will answer herself. I figure eventually the conversation will happen in her head and I will have entered a new stage of parenthood. :P

Trillium said...

If they were model children, you'd have nothing to blog about! You'd have to make stuff up!

Les said...

Cool new blog design! I totally understand the button pushing that kids do, it can drive you up the wall. All I can say is good luck because I am needing a lot of luck myself.

Rebecca said...

the button pushing gets more creative the older they get :)

Kight Family said...

Your kiddies are getting so big. When you moved away it was so quick I didn't even get to say goodbye. What was that all about!!!!!!

Hope you are enjoying the new scene of life :)

Chris said...

Yeah, kids are punks. Especially yours. Watch out, it's grandma's walker!!

Kidding!!! Don't hurt me with that glare gun!!!

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