Monday, June 28, 2010


"'Dear Annie, thanks for your letter. You sound neat. We're excited to meet you in New York and seeing if we're M F E O.'"

"M F E O?"

"Made For Each Other..."

"It's cute! Like a little clue! So, he can't write. Big deal! Verbal ability is overrated in guys. Our need for it leads to trouble."

Despite Meg Ryan's snerky rendition of these words in "Sleepless in Seattle," I snatch them up today in honor of me and me Jermie (yes, that was done on purpose).

Seven years...yes...

Yesterday was our first day at our new ward. As I stumbled, overwhelmed, into the primary room looking for Josh and Jeremy after dropping Eva off in nursery, I caught the primary president asking Jeremy, "Are you the father?" A second later, as I breathlessly reached my huzzybund, she turned to me and asked, "Are you the mother?" I nodded.

"I thought so," she said. And then, motioning to the two of us, remarked, "You look like you belong together."

'Tis true.


Trillium said...

Were you both stumbling and overwhelmed?? :))

Tina said...

I love that last comment by Trillium... it made me laugh out loud!!!
That is so cute!! Congrats on 7 years. I can't believe we've known each other for 9 years. Crazy huh? Good ol' LDC!!!

Rebecca said...

I think it's pretty neat that your anniversary preceeds your birthday by a couple days! :)

I can't believe it has been 7 years. It seems just like yesterday (minus) the kids :)

OH! by the way... does this mean you will be 30 on the 30th?

Anonymous said...

Not this year! 29 on the 30th. :D

Les said...

Happy Birthday!!! And congratulations on being married for 7 years. I still remember going to your wedding and your reception was beautiful. Anyway I hope you have a great birthday, and remember calories don't count on your birthday so enjoy all the cake and ice cream you can eat;)

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