Friday, June 11, 2010

Doras, Cloey, Manny, Mo, couldn't have been Mo...

I'm no good at naming things (except my children).

As I drove up to pick up my furry little friend, I had already decided to name her Honey, but for some reason, it just doesn't stick (Ha ha!).

So, I slogged through all the goddess names through various cultures, and again, nothing has stood out to me.

How do you name a cat? Mom has been really good at this, but apparently it's not hereditary.

Do you base it on appearance?? Do you base it on personality? I wish there was a name generator out there that you could plug in all those things and it would produce the perfect name. But there isn't. I know because I looked.

You've seen the picture of her (if not, scroll down), so enough said about that.

As far as her personality goes...I will give you an example.

Joshua was sitting watching a movie, Eva was in bed, and Lily was rolling around on the floor. I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready. I walked down the hallway to get something out of the cupboard in the laundry, and when I came back I did a double take. Usually I have to rescue the cat from Joshua's overly loving choke-hold...Lily had the cat's head in her right hand, and had the cat's left foot in her left hand...and she was chewing on it. The cat patiently was taking the abuse (this is probably the kind of thing the kitty was trying to avoid earlier in the day when she decided to curl up behind the washing machine on a pile of dust bunnies), as she has taken all the over-exuberant love from my kids. The patience of a saint. The only thing she has done in these situations with Joshua is meow frantically, but she has never bit or scratched him. And when she isn't feeling stressed out, she is extremely relaxed and loving.

I have tried to come up with several names, but I just can't seem to find the one, ya know?

So here are some I have thought of, and you can tell me what you think:

1) Seraph (means "fire")

2) Bast (Goddess of Cats)

3) Devi (means "Goddess")

4) Sprite

5) Spider (since she climbs everything: my legs, the baby gates, the couches...her paws are like velcro, and her coloring reminds me of a tarantula)

6) Sprig (just because it sounded funny)

7) Cookie

8) Nubit (means "golden lady")

9)Kebi (mean's "honey")

10) Trouble (that's Jeremy's contribution)

This is by no means a comprehensive list. If you have a better suggestion (PLEASE MOM! YOU ARE THE NAMING QUEEN!) please let me know!


Rebecca said...


Katscratchme said...

Kebi is cute. Cuter than Devi, which I also like.
I was thinking that you might not want to do Seraph... it's a slight tongue twister. You'd end up calling her Sera most of the time because the "f" sound is a hard end.
Don't name her Spider.. when she's grown up, it won't be cute anymore. She won't be a kitten named Spider, she'll be a cat named Spider...

Jam In Stew said...

I vote Trouble

Chris said...

You could always ressurect one of the great kitty names of our child-hood past: Mitsy or Muff. Or how about a combination: Muffsy!

Or... you can use one of the lame word verifications. The one I got on this one was: Oveeppe! Come here Ove-ove-oveepe!!!

Trillium said...

A nonce word in w:Lewis Carroll, Lewis Carroll's w:Jabberwocky, Jabberwocky combining the senses of "flimsy" and "miserable".
Prim or affected; over-refined; mincing.“In one corner of the room stood a sewing-machine, and on the long table were piles of mimsy stuff out of which feminine creations are constructed.” It’s known in other spellings, such as mimsey and mimzy

Jen said...

We've always liked names that are silly. . . We had a friend who had a pug and they named it Cujo. Cujo died and then they got another pug and named it Chewbacca. (They called it Chewy.) So I say you should name it Nala or Sarabi . . . or Bunny. Feathers would be kinda cute too. How about Grizabella? Then you can call it Bella. . . Or you can call her Minerva and call her Mini. How about Elephant and call her Elle . . .

Melanie Ann Millett said...

Cookie. I also like the Mimzy suggestion

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