Saturday, June 19, 2010

Baby Heads, Impromptu Baths, Kitten Food, Oh My!

As I was sitting in the rocking chair with my little Lily, Pepper (our kitten...yes, I know, it's not any name I had put on my other blog, but it fits her, and by golly, I am not changing it now!) started to creep up on us.

Apparently she ain't to bright, because she looked me full in the eyes and was slowly, slowly, getting closer and closer, with the "I WILL get my prey..." look on her face... I raised my eyebrows, and she then backed off and hovered under the crib. A minute later, she took a running leap and landed on us, with her front claws digging into Lily's head.

"Hey, YOU!" I exclaimed. "Don't claw my baby!"

Lily just stared wide-eyed. I couldn't tell if she was alarmed since she does that all the time anyway.

Pepper really likes doing this. It could be revenge for the whole Lily eating her foot thing.

Eva came up during one of these episodes and very seriously explained to me that if I would just let her hold Pepper, she would be very gentle. Since I really couldn't do anything about it, I had to watch Eva grab Pepper by her neck and cart her down the hallway. About 3 minutes later, a wet blob streaked by me, and, with a thump, landed on my bed. I put Lily down, and LO! there was Pepper, soaked and mewing on my bed. At least she was on my side. Jeremy can "see" the invisible cat germs that he is "allergic" to, and insists on washing them off anytime he accidentally touches anything the cat breathed on.

(Sorry...I am mean. But I really don't think he is allergic. I think his love for birds naturally turns him off of cats. And I don't like birds, so I like to give him garbage for it. I like to think of myself as part cat, and Jeremy is the Bird Man, so, if it really came down to it, and he was a bird, and I a cat, I would eat him. And I really would eat him...hee hee...)

Anyway, apparently Eva decided a communal bath with Josh and the cat sounded like a good idea, because that's where I found them (sans the cat, obviously) after I wrapped the poor kitty in a towel. Eva even had her purse in the tub. You shouldn't go anywhere without your compact, cell phone, and lipstick, you know.

It looks like we all need to have a sit-down with the kids about the proper care of tiny, clawed animals.

Jeremy has resisted the gravitational pull all cats have, and has put Pepper off. She keeps trying, valiant soul, and Jeremy feels guilty enough to put food in her bowl as recompense. As he was topping off her food, he said,

"It smells good."

I was confused.

"What does?"

"The cat food. If I was really hungry, I would eat it."



Katscratchme said...

Most animals eat better than we do.. if you ever feel like experimenting, get one of those premium meals.. they actually have chunks of meat in gravy.. just a little mashed potatoes and you've got a meal fit for a human... :P

Jam In Stew said...

I remember as a kid (8 or 9 years old) we had a BUNCH of cats when we lived in the East Mountains of ABQ. We would go through bags of Purina Cat Chow. It was the one that the kibbles were shaped like little + signs. I actually like the taste of them. When you had 11+ acres of land to play on, and you weren't allowed inside til dinner, they made a good snack...

I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin.

Jam In Stew said...

I meant LIKED, I don't currently like them that I know of...

Oh and my verify word is "fardst"

Excuse me...

Savannah Weech said...

Did you know that cat and dog food are actually monitered by the FDA to be fit for human consumption? Apparently beggars and homeless people will steal some poor kitty's food and live off that. I also had a friend in Vegas who was so obsessed with his dog that he would try the dog food first, and if he didn't like the taste of it, it wasn't good enough for his dog. Weird.

Trillium said...

poor sad kitty

Rebecca said...

very funny! We are accustomed to the bathed kitty in our home. :)

usually because we have picked up strays and they had to be cleaned thoroughly and then dowsed with baby powder :)

speaking of eating animal food...

we have dried chicken doggy treats that we use for training. While Victor was training the huskies, his nephew asked about the crispy disks... Victor told him what they were and asked him if he wanted to try one. Victor was kidding... Nico said sure and grabbed one and ate it... EW!!!! He liked it... :( EW!!!EW!!!!

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