Thursday, May 6, 2010


I was sitting in sacrament meeting a few Sunday's ago, and a sister was giving a talk about the Lord's Timing ("timing" should be capitalized if it is the Lord's).

I enjoyed her talk, and thought, "Yes, I can say that I have had to learn to do things in the Lord's Time," and I felt all warm and fuzzy that I had learned to be patient in my young age. And I gave myself a pat on the back, much to the wonder of those sitting behind me. I then pretended to wipe something off the back of my dress.

After my last post, I went licky split to fill out all the paperwork for my admission into CSU. I wrote my essay (Thanks for all the help, Ben, Emily, and Dad!), filled out my transcript requests, completed the application, and wrote the check for the application fee. I was all set!

A few years ago, Chris came up with a word that describes a particular feeling: Krickle. It embodies the idea of your spirit feeling, well, have to experience it to know what it feels like, but it's kind of like how an orange feels when it is being zested.

I was thinking about grad school, and I felt like it was a good thing. But I need to wait.

I can't say I'm not disappointed.

But I can say I feel peaceful about it.

I realized that there are so many other more important things I need to do first.

I am going to homeschool Josh, so I need to focus on that.

Eva needs her mommy at this influential point in her life.

Lily is keeping mommy awake at night, and needs her to rest.

And who knows? Maybe Baby X will be making an appearance next year (NO, this is NOT an announcement...but I really want a Christmas baby, and my biological clock is ticking...).

I think my desire to continue my education is a righteous one. But first things first. I don't know who said it, but it stuck with me that when you put the right things first, everything else will fall into place, or fall out of your life. I like that.

Perhaps when everything is set in motion with my own little homeschool, and all my babies are had, I can turn my mind back to grad school. With the time limit restriction on the program, it's probably better this way (once you start, you have five years to complete the program).

The Lord knows what's in my future. I need to trust Him, and be patient.


Rebecca said...

are you feeling KRICKLE?

shydandelion said...

Yes...yes I was. But I think you read my post before I finished it. :P

Tina said...

That is wonderful that you realized your priorities at this time and can focus on your kids. Not that you can't do both at the same time but I like how you know your kids and what they need.
Home School? Wow! You are brave. I think Cloey will learn so much faster if she is with someone else. I can't wait to see how she does in school next year.
If you want a baby by Christmas you better hurry because you are a couple of months late to start trying!!... or do you want to announce by Christmas. I was a little confused!

shydandelion said...

No, Christmas of NEXT year. :D

Katscratchme said...

I want to homeschool too. :) Ben asked me the other day if I really, really wanted to do it (it had been a particularly difficult day with Aud). I gave an emphatic "yes!"
It will be hard, but I truly believe it will be worth it.

leafhopper said...

There is a season for everything. Right now I believe it is Motherhood. Good for you and your future goals.

Rebecca said...

i thought that I was missing the point... :)

I understand the krickle feelings and have changed my direction because of them...

it is a hard decision to make between responsibilities as a mother and working on personal goals.

I have been there. I came to the same conclusion that you did. I needed to be a mother first and then return to school. It is never too late to be educated. It will always be there.

Tyson said...

Great post. Maybe this is the quote you are thinking of:

"If our lives and our faith are centered upon Jesus Christ and his restored gospel, nothing can ever go permanently wrong. On the other hand, if our lives are not centered on the Savior and his teachings, no other success can ever be permanently right."

Fear Not, Little Flock
Hunter, Howard W.
March 14, 1989
BYU devotional

I love that quote. You might also like a talk by Elder Dallin H. Oaks called "Timing." Here's the link:

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