Thursday, May 27, 2010


As I glared at my husband, Jennifer snickered a little.

"What?!?" I spat, focusing my attempts at homicide by intense ocular concentration on her.

"Nothing, it's just nice to see that your "perfect" marriage isn't."

I was somewhat taken aback. Apparently Jeremy and I had given off the impression that ours was a blissful and harmonious existence.

It wasn't then, it isn't now.

No, this is not a bitter diatribe.

One of the things I have always tried to do was keep our personal life just that: personal. There is no reason to share with anybody.

The second thing I have always tried to do is never speak poorly of my husband to anybody. Except God, of course. And usually I am not gripping when I do. Usually. And after talking to Him, I usually feel better, since, really, He is the only one who can remind me of all the great things because He sees the situation perfectly.

I have had times when I have just wanted to throw in the towel, give up, stop trying, kick the bucket, give it the heave-ho, dance on its grave...

But without fail, when I do, Jeremy says just the right thing, using all sorts of combos of three word sentences:

"I love you"

"I am sorry"

"You want chocolate?"

"Wanna bite me?"

I usually respond like a feral cat for the first while, and then eventually domesticate my feelings.

Hard times seem so horrible to me, because I think to myself, "Sheesh! We've been going at this relationship for how long?? We should SO be past this by now..." I guess when you reach for the stars, anything less seems like a failure.

I guess that is why God puts mountains so close to the sky, so that we have somewhere to rest until we are ready to jump again.


Katscratchme said...

It really is work... happily ever after isn't really in the cards (haha!) for any of us in this life, anyway.
It's been nearly 11 years for us and we still haven't quite worked out even a fraction of potential issues... I guess that's what keeps things interesting... not always fun, but definitely interesting.

Trillium said...

Amateurs! (ha ha)

One of my favorite memories of my Edwards grandparents (they were in their 70s I think) was gramma saying to grampa, "Oh, Heber! Be quiet!!!" It still makes me laugh inside.

Rebecca said...

If our marriages were perfect we wouldn't need to practice so hard for eternity... :)

After 16 years we still don't have everything figured out. Are we better than we were? YES

Just remember to ask for forgiveness; give forgiveness easily; love each other; show compassion and be patient. No body is perfect :)

Tiffany said...

I feel like this all the time. i guess we just have to remember that if we don't give up our efforts to improve a little here and there, everything will work out and become wonderful more often!

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