Saturday, April 3, 2010

Left Behind

I don't think there is anything quite like loneliness.

Have you felt that pang? The one that tells you you have been left behind, as you watch your friend or someone close to you wander away without so much as a backward glance? And you wonder if they think of you, and if they can somehow sense that you long for them to be near you? That, perhaps, that bond of love can never shatter, and you hope against hope that what you have between you can never be marred by time or distance?

I feel that way sometimes, and do a little right now. But I try not to let it linger, because, in a way, it signifies ingratitude on my part. I have so many I love around me, and those bonds grow ever stronger. But, I feel a little like the unfinished puzzle. And while what I have so far is beautiful, I don't feel it is complete without that wandering piece. Maybe I can claim it a Divine Sentiment. After all, the Heaven's have wept in loss...can I?


Tina said...

I feel it ALL the time, especially with having no family around. I feel like everyone has moved on without me and when they get together, do they remember us and wish we could be there? It's hard, I know.
Why do you feel lonely? Are you o.k.?
I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!!

By the way, I got your package!! So cute Dara! I put it on however and the kids laughed at me. I put it on Cloey and she looked adorable so maybe we will have to share. The green with her red hair was so darn cute. You are so talented! Thank you!!!

Enjoying Life . . . One day at a time! said...

i hear you! i feel that way too sometimes. sometimes i just let myself cry and then i pick myself up and feel better. ialways love nd appreciate your kind words to me! ... and the awesome presents!

Rebecca said...

I used to get feel that way. And I would be so upset that no one noticed that I had been left behind.

Things have changed over the last year for me and I don't feel alone like that any more. I know it's because of the relationship I have with Heavenly Father. He is always talking to me and I am always talking to him.

I miss those that I am not around all the time but it does not make me dispair like it used to.

Hang in there! You are not alone.

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