Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm trained...are you?

Aren't they cute?

So, Jeremy broached the subject a while ago about potty training Eva. I looked down at the little baby I had just given birth to, and said, "Um, no."

Now that things have evened out a little, it keeps coming back into the forefront of my mind. And I keep smacking it away because of the oh-so-lovely experience we had with Joshua. He was content to sit in his gore and refused to have anything to do with the toilet.

Well, there's only so much resistance you can maintain when you go down the little girl panties aisle at Wal-Mart. "Awww, puppies!" I exclaimed, and put a ten pack of undies into my cart.

I then realized that I would have to actually potty train Eva if I wanted her to wear them. Hmm...this could get tricky...

But, I figured, heck, it's worth a shot.

So, I took my little lady by the hand and led her to the bathroom.
"Do you want to go potty?" I asked, expecting horror-filled shrieks.

"YES!" she said, and promptly took off her clothes and plopped herself on the toilet.

Now, she never actually went, but hey, that's progress!

Yesterday was accident free! But, of course, I only started in the afternoon, and so that's not saying much.

Today, I pulled Eva out of her room and equipped her with some little girl gear (PUPPIES!), and crossed my fingers. She asked to go potty every 15 minutes for the entirety of the morning. I finally got tired of it and told her no. And what happened?
She peed everywhere. TWICE.


I then decided I had enough for the time being, and put her down for a nap, sans the puppy undies (I think I'll call them pundies).

When she woke up, I figured I would just let it go. Someday, she would successfully potty train herself, and hopefully it would be before she left for college.

"Go potty?" She asked me, her big blue eyes full of hope. She has a toilet fetish.

I mused for a minute. Then,


She just likes being naked, I think. She popped in and out of the bathroom eight times in the buff before she actually sat down.

That's when it happened...

In the bathroom is a over-the-toilet hutch. Eva LOVES it. Not because it is cute and trendy, but because of the year supply of Bon Bell chapstick I keep in there. I wisely (maybe) tied the doors shut with an attractive ribbon so I wouldn't get little girl gooies on my lip gloss.

As I sat at this here computer, feeling all-knowing and powerful, I heard a *TINKLE TINKLE TINKLE BANG CRASH SMASH* followed by a terrified and wounded scream.

I went in and there, sitting on the toilet, was my half-naked little lady desperately pushing back on the falling toilet hutch. The ribbon was undone, dangling in her hair. The tinkling sound I heard was the sound all my jewelry made as it fell six feet to the floor and the bang crash smash was the two bottles of bath salts that plummeted (gracefully I am sure...bath salts should fall gracefully) and broke open on the floor, sending apricot flavored salt everywhere. (Hey, Emily! Your bottle survived unmarred! Yay!)

Sigh....So much for the ribbon idea. Although, she won't do that again, I am pretty sure.


Katscratchme said...

What worked for Audrey was a few accidents in the non-absorbent panties. She still occasionally leaks a little and is not 100% night trained, but I think she was ready, but she need the psychological impact of peeing in her pants.
One of the other theories (this one didn't work for Audrey) is to strip them from the waist down and let them tinkle on themselves.. after a while, peeing down their legs isn't fun anymore and they train themselves. My friend trained at least 3 of her 4 kids this way... in about a week each.

Tina said...

Oh my!!
I am not liking the whole potty training that is going on in my house right now because let's just say, nothing is happening and Jacob just doesn't care, doesn't ask and cries when I even suggest it... *sigh* Girls are definitely easier.

good luck. It sounds like she is willing and waiting for you to comply with her needing/wanting to go every 10 minutes.
I'm sure your stories are not done and I will be reading very funny tales of your potty training experience with her. Can't wait...

Les said...

I am not looking forward to potty training Mark. Right now he knows when he needs to go, when I suggest going in the potty he kicks and screams. He has done better when Brett asks--maybe I will have him train Mark. Well, good luck with the training if you get any thoughts of inspiration on how to do it let me know.

shydandelion said...

I hear that cheerios work for boys ("Make it sink!"). Also, unless Brett is really shy, he should show Mark how to do it standing up. :) Boys think that is fun. I have also heard of people painting a bullseye on the bottom of the toilet.
We just had Josh run around naked for two weeks until he decided he didn't like being wet anymore.

Rebecca said...

i don't remember potty training my children... oh, wait... I didn't :)

Grandma Gonzales potty trained all three babies when she got tired of changing diapers.

Made my life easier :)

Allisa potty trained her cousin Raquel - go figure.

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