Thursday, March 11, 2010

Health Nut

She fell asleep like this. She also has one foot up in the air behind her. One more awesome thing about motherhood!

Several months ago, I became very concerned about our eating habits, so we dumped a lot of stuff, and adopted a more herbivorous lifestyle.

It worked great for me! Jeremy, on the other hand....

You see, I had a fridge full of leafy greens and succulent fruits. Jeremy had a tiny lunch box that could barely hold a small Tupperware container.

Plus, he never ate breakfast. And since he works a 10 hour day (plus an hour and half commute on top of that), I was growing paranoid about his health. And it hasn't helped that he has gotten sick more in the last 6 months than he has in the last 6 years. Of course, it could be the black mold that is silently growing beneath the 8 inch thick layer of paint that has accumulated from my landlord splattering paint all over this apartment year after year after year...

Anyway, I decided that I needed to make sure my hunny bun got breakfast in the morning, even if I was asleep. This necessitated my making it the night before.

I pulled the egg carton out of the fridge last night and weighed and measured the endless possibilities of microwaving ovum.

Jeremy stared at me in horror.

"I'm not eating that."

I was brimming with glee as I cracked the egg and plopped it in the plastic, microwave-safe bowl.


It was AWESOME! I turned my back on the microwave to wash some dishes and heard a fantastic POP! Little egg bits were all over the microwave! HA HA HA! I am definitely doing that again!

After manufacturing an egg sandwich for Jeremy, I checked out his lunch box. I have to do this periodically because I have often found that Jeremy deems a piece of fruit and a cheese stick worthy to be called "Lunch."

I peered inside:

Three cookies and a miniature Cadbury egg.

"Are you kidding me??" I exclaimed out loud.

Jeremy was wounded.

"What? I wasn't finished yet..."

If I had left him to make his own lunch, he probably would have topped off the cookies and candy egg with a salt lick and a slab of butter.

Another thing I have tried to do is make healthy treats. So, I have played around with some cookie recipes to see if I can concoct something palatable and tasty.

So, in went sunflower seeds and craisins into my oatmeal, they turned out good! Joshua came bounding into the kitchen. He can smell sugar 30 miles away.

"What are you doing, Mama?" he asked, jumping for joy since he already knew the answer.

"Making cookies."

"Can I have one??"

"Sure, when they are done."

He fidgeted, and then sprang off into the living room.

10 minutes later, when the timer beeped, he zoomed back in, hoping to reap some sweet reward for being patient.

He picked up a cooled cookie, looked at it, and declared,

"Um, I don't like these. You can have it."

He then started picking up every cookie and telling me who they belonged to, making sure I knew that he didn't want to, never would, couldn't even think about eating one of these abominations. He is like me. I don't like mixing chocolate and fruit, and Joshua doesn't like mixing sugar with anything healthy, ie. craisins. Honestly, you don't even really notice them. They aren't as pungent as raisins, but I guess dried fruit is dried fruit, and they were an insult to his taste buds.

It was only after Eva ate her weight in them that he decided to try them out. He tried really hard to like them, I'll give him that.

I made pumpkin granola bars yesterday, too, and he sampled those gingerly. I think the only reason he liked them was because they had chocolate chips in them.

Good thing I made some not-so-healthy peanut butter granola bars...yummy...


Rebecca said...

oh my goodness! Joshua is so much like Victor - makes me laugh

Victor has a difficult time with health snacks and meals - he is warming up to them - mostly because his doctor and nutritionist insist that he eat what i prepare - I'm such a good wife.

Tina said...

Good for you Dara! That is wonderful. Tyler is the health nut in our relationship and tries to get me to eat better. Yesterday for lunch all I had were chips with melted cheese on them and I dipped them in salsa. Lovely huh?

Enjoying Life . . . One day at a time! said...

That picture is so funny! Oh, what I have to look forward to! Random sidenote: I ate an egg salad sandwhich today, and it made me very happy! (I remember you once posted about egg salad :)

Anonymous said...

Egg salad is the best...ahh...

Tina, there is absolutely nothing wrong with eating chips and cheese...speaking of which, I think I have both of those things....

You are a good wife, Becky! I am thinking of your guacamole...yumm...

Katscratchme said...

Those cookies really were good.. I was a little skeptical about the craisins.
Ben is dumb about making lunch too.. I send him to work with a sack lunch and I agonize over food groups while I put it together.. if it was up to him, he'd put in cookies and string cheese.

Trillium said...

If I fell asleep like that, I'd have a kink in my neck for a week! Hmmm...maybe that's why I've had a kink in my neck for a week.....

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