Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Anatomy, Growing Up, Dragons, and Lily

Eva, during a diaper change, asked what "that" was. Jeremy explained it to her briefly, and she, with 2-year-old enthusiasm, exclaimed: "JAI JAI! LEEDLELEEDLELEEDLE!"


Jeremy has this cool trick where he makes this cool dripping sound, and he frequently uses it to bring life to certain books we have. In the middle of one of these, Joshua asked me to make the drip noise.

"I can't,"I replied, feeling genuinely disappointed. I have Sound-Effect Envy.

Not skipping a beat, Josh said,

"When you grow up, you will be a boy and you can do it!"


When we were at the post office on Monday (sorry, everyone who wanted an ear warmer...that's what I was mailing), Eva apparently was disturbed by something outside, or maybe the automatically opening doors. She looked up at my with her big, blue eyes and said, "Dragon's gonna eachyoo!"

"No," I said. "The dragon's not going to eat me."

She then looked at Josh.

"Dragon's gonna eat Josh eye!"

"No," I said again.

She persisted.

"Dragon's gonna eat Joshusear."

"No, he won't eat Josh's ear."

In a quieter voice, "Dragon's gonna eachyoo..."


Now, when Lily sees me, she moves her head back and forth attempting to forcibly shove her hand in her mouth. I think instead of a brain, she has a second, very hungry stomach in her cranium.


Rebecca said...

"dragons gonna eachyoo"

Well, since your wrote this blog, I guess that means you havn't been eaten yet. :)

Very funny!

mught: dragon food

Katscratchme said...

:) I thought this was too funny so I read it to Ben. He laughed too.

Rebecca said...

got the ear warmers. the girls love them. Aislyn chose the purple one and Allisa chose the blue one (exactly what I thought)

Thanks! :)

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