Thursday, February 25, 2010


Limaceous Endomorph

Sometimes my brain does random vocabulary tests.

I was wandering through the kitchen the other day and a word popped into my head.

"Wonder-lust," it said.

"Wonder-lust?" I questioned. "The craving for being wowed?"

I decided there was a hiccup with the spell check between my synapses and corrected it to "wander-lust."

"Ah, makes much more sense."

Lily has been using sign language to communicate with me. Whenever I come into the room, her eyes brighten and she opens her mouth really big. I would say that is pretty clear.

Joshua makes up words when he doesn't have the right one for a given situation. It usually involves a lot of gyrations and spitting when he does, though.

Eva, inexplicably, has an incredible vocabulary. While running through the kitchen with a cup of water, she jerked and the water went all over the floor causing her to slide and fall into the floor.

Groaning, she said, "I slipped...." I had never heard her use that word before. She frequently surprises me. I guess we're doing something right.

I am often tempted to buy those cute little books at Costco that give you all sorts of obscure words. I can't justify it since I have a perfectly good dictionary.

Mom and Dad had a book called, "The superior person's book of words." There is a lot of fun to be had with uncommon words. It was complete with pictures.

"Keep your hands to yourself, you limaceous endomorph!" was my favorite line from the book.

Life would be boring without fun words to say...


Tina said...

I so agree although my brain usually freezes up on me when it really matters.

Cloey will do the same thing and make up words and then she goes one step further to say, "Mom, that word means..." It's fun to hear them sound "so smart".

Rebecca said...

Vocabulary is so much fun - especially when you are trying to make a point by not using the common four letter words you hears use (I hear them a lot at work).

Trillium said...

four letter words = favorites of troglodytes, yokels and guttersnipes


Bethany said...

I was going to just leave a one word comment ...something intelligent and long and, well, I'm too lazy to pull up a thesaurus.

Katscratchme said...

I loved that book too. I think words are awesome and I use some just because I like how they sound.

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