Sunday, February 7, 2010

Veggin' Out

I have been thinking a lot about the Word of Wisdom for quite a long time. It seems to me that very few people actually follow its precepts, and subsequently, miss out on the promised blessings.

So, my brain recalled at one point that there was a book that addressed a healthy approach to eating. Mom reminded me that it was called "The Original Fast Foods." I borrowed it and, after finding I agreed with the author (James Simmons) and found his perspective enlightening, promptly bought my own.

Simmons states that for optimum health, the majority of your calories should come from vegetables and fruits, with a small side of legumes, a sprinkling of grains, and if you must, a dab of meat. Forget sugars and fats. Bad, bad, bad, he says.

"Okay," I said to myself. "Let the produce begin!"
I was feeling pretty good about the smattering of carrots and celery I had with my lunch, and the banana, apple, and orange with my breakfast. I was on the fast track to being the next iron woman!

Then I thought, "Gee, I wonder how many calories I am actually getting from my vegetables and fruits?"
So, I made a list:
Banana = 120

1 Apple = 80

1 Orange = 85

2 Carrots = 50

2 Stalks of Celery = 15

= 350

"I'm gonna have to eat more," I mused.

1 Apple

1 Orange

1 Banana

1 bunch Grapes

1 cup Strawberries

1 Plum

1 head of Romaine

1 Cucumber

1 Bell Pepper

4 cups Spinach

8 Carrots

17 stalks of Celery

4 Zucchini

2 lbs of Cauliflower

2 lbs of Broccoli


16 cups of Peas

23 cups of Corn

400 Green Beans

7 Baked Potatoes

17 lbs of Grass

3 Banzai Trees


= 359

WHAT THE...???

I have upped my vegetation intake exponentially. The only benefit I have discovered so far is that I have the sensation of being hungry when I am completely full. There must be some advantage to that. Plus, when you are full of veggies, the calorie intake is super low, making it so you can eat more cookies! Works for me!


Katscratchme said...

The other benefit... half the weight you lose will be expended as gas.

Amy said...

I'm all for anything that gets me more cookies.

Les said...

Don't forget avocados! Just like bananas they are jam packed full of calories but they are also amazingly good for you. Not to mention extremely tasty. Enjoy!

Rebecca said...

i had a blt for lunch

two slices of bread
three slices of bacon
four leafs of lettuce
two slices of tomato
5-6 slices of avocado

and i topped off with french fries and a voltage mountain dew

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