Friday, January 15, 2010

My Word...

Sometimes I feel like a human dictionary.
This morning, Jeremy was searching for the right word...
"It starts with a C," he said, looking perplexed.
"Circumlocution," I piped up.
"That's it!"
I don't know where I pulled that out of, but considering my heritage, it isn't wholly surprising.

Later, I was fiddling on the computer, and Jeremy walked up and saw an article on Comcast. It was about some socialite who had a "sultry" ad.

"What does that mean?"
"It means hot," I replied. "...and wet."
After defining the word, I suddenly was disturbed by the thought of a moist, warm ad. It sounded icky.

FYI: Eva said her first prayer the day before yesterday. It was so cute!
Lily is smiling now (also so cute), and Joshua is making his naughtiness an artform (not so cute).


Trillium said...

Speaking of Lily-so-cute-and-smiling-now.... did you take her to Kiddie Kandids? I heard they went bankrupt. So... photos?????

Zaphod said...

Years ago someone observed that my friend Stephen Donaldson was overloaded lexically. Said she, "When Stephen was still in his mother's womb, she was frightened by a Thesaurus."

Bethany said...

A word that starts with a 'C'? I probably would have said 'cheese' or 'choo choo.' I used to think I was smart ....

And William has also entered the naughtier by the day phase. Life is a serious power struggle around here. Glad to know someone else is feeling the pain.

Rebecca said...

Very cute and funny. I'm glad you read my blogs. And Iam glad you write blogs - it gives me something to read during lunch.

by the way i finally started reading Peter and the Starcatchers - entertaining :)

Anonymous said...

Mom, someday soon I hope to find an alternative to Kiddie Kandids. Until then, I will be wearing black.
Dad, the thesarus is frightened by YOU.
Bethany, I feel that pain, and it's annoying...I hope yours gets better soon!
Becky, sheesh, I gave that book to you a YEAR ago! LOL!

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