Sunday, December 20, 2009

For Heaven's Sake!

I was sitting in the rocking chair with Lily, and Eva was accosting both of us with very wet kisses. Jeremy was no where to be found, and I was getting a little overwhelmed. After 10 minutes, I went looking for him...

When I found him, I exclaimed, "What are you doing, for heaven's sake?!?!?!" He sheepishly put down his Mustang parts magazine, and came to my aid.

As I simmered down, the words "for heaven's sake" reechoed in my head. And I thought, "What am I doing for heaven's sake?"

I don't know where the term came from, but it evokes some interesting thoughts. If we are doing something for heaven, we are surely doing it for God. And in my mind, it seems that if you are doing something for someone's sake, you are doing it for their benefit...can we benefit God, who is all-powerful? Perhaps not, but we can serve, and that is probably as close as we will ever get. My thoughts forged another trail...

At night, when I pray, I pray specifically for my children. I can think of no greater pain or anguish than of losing any of them. When Lucifer fell, the heaven's wept for their lost Son of the Morning. What could make the heaven's weep more than for the loss of a beloved child? It is interesting that Christ's ministry was about bringing souls to God. Let us not forget about how important that one lost sheep was, or that sparrow. It tells us that His children are the most important thing to Him. And He wants us back.

So, what can be done for Heaven's sake?
Heavenly Father has made it so simple.

He sends boys two by two.

He asks that we love our neighbors.

He places pure spirits into our homes for us to nurture and teach.

The scriptures tell us that if we bring save it be one soul, how great shall be our joy. It goes on to say how much more wonderful that joy will be if we bring many souls unto God. Why is that?
I think of my family. If I were to return alone to my Heavenly Father and were able to stand before Him and remain with Him, my joy would be overflowing. If I were to return to my Heavenly Father hand in hand with my husband and my children, the joy would be insurmountable.
Christ's teachings weren't about merely converting the sinner. It was about children going home. The Gospel takes on a whole new light if you see it as a way of reuniting family.

So, what can be done for Heaven's sake?

At this time of year, our hearts swell with generosity and love. I believe that what we feel is a small piece of what heaven is. We feel a love for all man. And could it be because we, in our hearts, remember that those around us are our family?

I would venture to say that by doing good, motivated by pure love, we are indeed benefiting heaven. Each soul that remembers who they are is drawn within the arms of their Father, and great is that Joy. Each of us has a mission, each of us a calling. We have but to ask, and Heavenly Father will tell us what we can do.

So, do something for Heaven's sake.


Trillium said...

How about: "Oh, for Pete's sake!" [I have always wondered, 'Who is "Pete"?' Saint Peter at the pearly gates?]

Anonymous said...

Must be... :)

Katscratchme said...

I was going to say the same thing, Mom! :)

Tara said...

Beautifully written post

Tina said...

You are so insightful and have such a great way of writing that sounds like you could be a journalist or a magazine writer or someday a published novelist. You are great at expressing your thoughts. I wish I could be more like that.
Beautiful. I always say, "For Goodness Sakes."

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