Sunday, November 29, 2009

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Part of the holidays is the all-too-necessary need to stay up late watching movies (or TV shows online). Jeremy and I are really good at this. And it doesn't help that Youtube allows you to continuously watch your favorite TV show without interruptions for hours (That is how we ended up watching seven episodes of "Legend of the Seeker" Friday night. It's hard to have willpower when your computer just keeps churning out non-stop entertainment.)

In the wee hours of the morning, as we sat glued to our monitor, Lily woke up ("See?" Jeremy exulted. "You would have had to wake up anyway!" I couldn't argue with his logic. Besides, I was too addicted and tired.). After pausing it to rescue our little one, we had some sort of malfunction with our episode and Jeremy, trying to be helpful, said, "I think we were at three minutes and ninety seconds." I looked at him and repeated, "Three minutes and ninety seconds, huh?"

He got his revenge the next day as we were driving in the car. I was really, really tired for some reason (perhaps because I was up until 3 AM) and I had a headache. Jeremy, being so ever loving and attentive, asked what was wrong.

"I have a headache...and it feels like my eyes are really huge..."
He smiled and quipped, "That's because they are."

"I'm sorry, Steve, I was only dating you for the kitsch value."

Jeremy gave this picture to me a few weeks back. He thought it was really funny. And it started all sorts of jokes about how good my peripheral vision is.


Rebecca said...

"What big eyes you have!"

Very funny! Loved the picture.

Trillium said...

The truth is, everyone is jealous!

Amy said...

Ha ha!

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