Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2 Tag-arrific

2 secrets: (1) I hold imaginary arguments with people where I win due to my flawless logic. (2) I count my steps when I walk, or how many times I rock in a rocking chair, or when there is anything to count.

2 regrets: (1) Not presenting my senior paper at Perdue University. (2) Um...

2 things you spend money on and probably shouldn't: (1) Junk food (2) Computer Games

2 things you don't like about your body: (1) My fatness. (2) My skin.

2 bad habits: (1) Peeling off my nail polish. (2) Pulling out my hair.

2 fears: (1) That Jeremy will die and leave me to raise the kids by myself. (2) That I will die and leave Jeremy to raise the kids by himself.

2 spiritual gifts: (1) Knowledge (2) Faith

2 pet peeves: (1) People who only think of themselves in the Walmart parking lot. (2) Messes.

2 least favorite chores: (1) Mopping the kitchen floor. (2) Vacuuming.

2 favorite pastimes: (1) Blogging. (2) Reading.

2 events that changed your life: (1) Getting married. (2) Having children.

**I tag Bethany, Becky and Savannah**

Tagged by Emily


Katscratchme said...


Amy said...

I totally have imaginary arguments with people in my head all the time! I feel that it prepares me for the moments that I will actually have these arguments.

And I will win.

Jen said...

I count things, too. Freaky.

Melanie Ann Millett said...

Ditto to Amy's comment. And hey, I will come vacuum your floors if you come do my dishes and clean the bathtub. No mopping, though. Yuck.

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