Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stained Glass

I had a lazy morning today. I am sick (again...sheesh...) and so I decided bed is where I should stay, and not spread my disease to the rest of my ward (before you judge me, the Church has come out and said if you are sick, stay home, for heaven's sake and everyone elses.).

As I lay in my dreamy state, I cracked my eyes open and noticed the hazy morning light on my hand. It threw each detail into sharp relief. It looked like a stained glass window, perfectly organized and placed carefully.

It made me think of God and his miraculous creation of the body. Not only is it the greatest machine ever built, but it is beautiful and carefully made. Each detail was done on purpose, for a purpose, and to bring delight as well. (In like manner, our souls are like stained glass, but we are the artists. Each experience, good or ill, gives a different hue, making a beautiful masterpiece. And in the event that a pane is broken, it can be divinely repaired.)

I suppose God could have made us merely functional (and we are that), but he made us after his image, and we are thus, each one of us, beautiful beyond our own understanding.

Take a closer look at God's greatest creation, and let him show you how wondrous you are.


Les said...

I totally should have had you teach my lesson to my Young Women today! It was on taking care of our physical bodies, many of the insights you just had would have been really nice in my lesson. Would you mind getting cool insights for my lessons before I teach them? ;) lol Anyway, I hope you get feeling better.

shydandelion said...


Trillium said...


and did I mention


Rebecca said...

i wish i had the liberty to stay home when I was sick... :) Any time the gonzales family is out it causes a huge burden on the ward - so we attend no matter how miserable we are... :)

Tiffany said...

I like this!

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