Sunday, September 6, 2009

Quest Jar Plus Project Pics!

I love quests.

"Go this....go this!"

It's one of the reasons I love RPGs (though I haven't played one for quite some time. The last one I played was a huge disappointment because it was obvious the game's creators were just trying to make money, not provide a quality game. But whatever. I am not here to talk about RPGs.).

A while ago, Emily told me that she had a jar filled with story ideas and when she had a hankering to write, she would pull one out and try and work on it. I liked that idea, but I didn't have a whole lot of writing projects. I just had a lot of projects.

So, taking a leaf out of Emily's book, I made my own little jar for my various projects. My very own Quest Jar.

I typed up all my projects, cut them into little strips, folded them, and then put them in my little jar! It made it more exciting.

I have completed quite a few quests from my jar. It gives me no small amount of joy thinking about it! At first I liked to be "surprised" by the task, but now I just pick which one I feel like doing. And as a result, the harder ones are left. Bleh. Oh well.

Here is my list of things, in case you are curious:

1. Make a rag quilt for Baby. CHECK! (Which incidentally led me to make one for Joshua. All needs to be fair and equal...I mean, Eva has one I made for her, so not making Josh one would seem like I favor my daughters. I don't want people to KNOW I do, so you know..avoid the appearance of favoritism... JUST KIDDING!)

2. Make a baby afghan for Baby. CHECK!

3. Make a polar fleece blanket for Baby. CHECK!

4. Make jean blanket out of massive pile of old jeans in my closet. 99.999999999999% done (You know what is sad? I got 15-20 8X8 squares from every pair of Jeremy's pants, and got like 8 out of mine. I should stop wearing tight pants...especially since most of the jeans that were mine had splits from being too snug in the hind quarters...ahem...)

5. Mend pile of clothes that I haven't worn forever and is sitting in my closet just looking sad. CHECK!

6. Make full afghan for Baby.

7. Make full afghan for Eva. (I have started this afghan 3 times, and now have 1/13 of it done. Bleh...But it will be pretty when it's finished. "Raining Violets" just sounds pretty...)

8. Make full afghan for Joshua. (He is particularly attached to his "blue hug" that Becky made. Unfortunately, Blue Hug the First was unravelled by Joshua's over-enthusiastic love for it, so I had to make a sad replica. Definitely not County Fair 1st prize stuff.)

*I have this hope that I will furnish my children with all sorts of stuff they can take with them into the world when they grow up and get married. I think I am paranoid about it because when Robert found out I was getting married, he quipped to me that I wasn't bringing ANYTHING material into my marriage. Sniff...*

9. Make full afghan for me and Jeremy. (Trust me, I am not making one because we have a shortage of afghans in my house. Between my grandmother and Becky, we have enough wool to clothe an entire flock of sheep.)

10. Make 5 ridiculously time-consuming and taxing Bucilla applique flannel stockings. (I have made ONE, people. ONE. And that took me a MONTH. Sheesh...And here I thought they would be all cute and easy. NoooOOOOOOOooooOOOooo! So, if I EVER end up making them all, I'll probably have a bonfire in the front yard and burn them. Feel free to bring marshmallows.)

11. Finish Swedish Weaving project. 50% done. If you want a project that is quick, easy and extremely satisfying, try Swedish weaving. It is SOO MUCH FUN!
12. Make apron for Baby. (Again, all is fair. Everyone else has one, including me.)

So, there you go. If you would like instructions for anything, let me know.


Enjoying Life . . . One day at a time! said...

You are quite the crafty lady! That's a lot of awesome stuff. I have so many on-going projects right now, mostly centered on the baby! Hopefully this weekend I'll get more done! Ha!

shydandelion said...

HOOO-RAY for weekends! That's when I get most my stuff done, too. Plus, after a taxing craft weekend, I usually need the next 5 days to recuperate. heheheh.

Katscratchme said...

Love the craft project jar... I was just mulling over my little projects... no blankets at this time..
One crocheted hat for Audrey
Making postcards out of old calendar pictures...
I still have a million chopsticks to make hair sticks out of.
Oh.. and yes, I still want to do those button cuffs! Tres chic! (I just need some awesome looking buttons.)

Tara said...

Sheesh! Now I'm starting to wonder what the heck I DO all day!

Rebecca said...

Your quest jar is a cute idea. Unfortunately, I would have to pull all of my plastic totes out of the garage and itemize the project - a project in its self. I tackle my projects by pulling one tote out of the garage and finishing what ever is in it.

The really sad thing... when I have finished said project I have left over yarn or fabric. I don't want to waste anything so I pour over my craft books to find a suitable pattern to use up the last of the material - I then have started a new project... :(

It is never ending. I think my husband is going to bury me and my materials in the back yard if I don't stop.

shydandelion said...

LOL! I decided that I couldn't hold onto my old yarn. So I boxed it up and had Jeremy tote it to the church to give away to anybody who wants it.
Craft craft craft!

Amy said...

Cute stuff!

Where'd you get your bedding? I love it!

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