Thursday, August 6, 2009

She speaks!

Eva isn't afraid to try new words. You say something, she will repeat it, in a higher pitch, with a bit if a lilt.

"Cheetah, Eva."

So, she has been following us around repeating random words she hears, and most of the time she knows what she is talking about. I thank Josh for that. He talks to her more than any of us do. Perhaps its their shortness of stature. She hasn't really strung sentences together, though, except for a mushy sounding "iwanit," which, I am sorry, doesn't count. Whining doesn't count as speaking.

Anyway, it came as a surprise the other day as we were sitting at the dinner table and Jeremy, being a nice daddy, reached over to help Eva maneuver her fork. Eva swiftly moved her fork out of reach and said, quite clearly and distinctly, with no small amount of attitude, and punctuated by a glare,

"Stop it."

We stared in shock, and then I couldn't help but start laughing! Jeremy was slightly affronted. I don't blame him. That girl can throw a mean glare.

1 comment:

Katscratchme said...

Well... she HAD to learn that glare from SOMEWHERE... LOL!

That's funny! Audrey has had the attitude problem for a long time, though it's usually "NO, MINE!" that we hear at the table... and everywhere else.

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