Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shark Bait OOO HA HA!

On our quest to find a home, we have hit a whole wad of stumbling blocks, loosely disguised as Realtors.

As Jeremy makes phone calls, and we visit various websites and Realtors, I get the sneaking suspicion that we are giant, bloody hunks of meat floating in the middle of a hungry, red-eyed school of sharply-toothed (teethed?) sharks (Is it a school? Herd? Pack? Or is it a gaggle?? A gaggle of sharks...that sounds about right.)

The barrage of E-mails and phone calls is a bit disconcerting. THEY ARE HUNGRY!

We casually tried to side-step the whole thing by considering the option to build a house instead. Ppppbbbttttthhhh.......oh well.

In my minds eye, I see Jeremy as a guppy, swimming among these fierce predators.

It makes the whole house-buying business a trifle stressful. Maybe we should just live in a tent up Provo Canyon.


Rebecca said...

well, i can't sympothize... Victor's parents gave us the house... :O

Now the sharks live in the house with me.

Katscratchme said...

A group of sharks is called a gam, grind, school, herd, pod, collage, or shiver.

I like the shiver... *shiver*!!

Melanie Ann Millett said...

Yeah yeah a tent in Provo Canyon!

Zaphod said...

What part of "stimulus package" don't you understand? All this time you thought you were being stimulated when in fact you are the package.

forsel: Indicating the spelling achievement of many real estate agents

Bethany said...

or in a van down by the river?

i don't envy your task in a house market like this, we had a hard time two years ago

but you will love being in a house, that is very exciting for you!

Tiffany said...

a guppy, ha ha! I totally feel your pain! but don't worry, you'll find a house!!

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