Monday, June 1, 2009


I am a twit. I admit it. I am actually proud of it, in a way.

And the best part is, is that Jeremy let's me get away with it. Hehehe..

The other day, I waited anxiously behind our back door. Was I watching the paint peel? No...I was waiting for Jeremy to walk down the back steps...

There is NOTHING so funny as watching someone almost pee their pants. Ha ha ha! Besides jumping out from behind things, I think my other favorite thing to do is dump cold water on Jeremy while he showers.

I suppose I shouldn't take such pride in being a twit, but I am really good at it. I mean, wouldn't you consider that a gift? Not everyone is twit material.

And there are varying degrees.
You have the annoying twit who jumps out at you and dumps semi-frozen water on you while you shower.

And then the cute twit who arranges the food on your plate into a smiley face.

The cute twit doesn't get much attention though... The problem is that because you aren't doing something that is obviously twitty, it doesn't get noticed unless you point it out, and then it loses all the charm. That's what happened yesterday. I arranged Jeremy's rice and chicken into a happy face, and he started eating and didn't notice until I pouted and said, "Hey..." He looked at his food and said, "What did you do..?" I had to turn his plate around so he could see my work of art.

Then there is the petulant twit. I do that one a lot.

"Hey, would you help me with the dishes, Dara?" Jeremy asks sweetly.



"Hey, after I am done, do you want to go on a walk with the kids?"
"How about a bike ride?"
"We could sit on the lawn."


"Well, what do you want to do?"
"Let's go on a walk."
"But you said you didn't want to..."
"Nah, I changed my mind. I don't want to go on a walk anymore."

And then Jeremy heaves a big sigh and smiles at me and keeps scrubbing the dishes. Then the guilt sets in and I help him. Petulance is only fun for a little while.

What kind of twit are you?


Chris said...

Marble Time!

Trillium said...

You take the cake-- hands down! LOL

Rebecca said...

you are THE twit... :) I don't know how to be a twit.

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