Saturday, June 20, 2009

Say, say, oh playmate

Do you remember that song? It continues, "Come out and play with me, and bring your dollies three, climb up my apple tree..." blah blah blah. Some band actually came out with a rock version of it in the last little while.

Anyway, I wasn't the typical little girl. You see, I had dollies, but I kept them up on the top shelf of the closet, and at night, I would surround myself with my stuffed animals to protect myself from the freaky-eyed tiny people-impersonators.

It may have been because David used to rent the most horrible movies and I was privy to them, plus a combination of too many episodes of Twilight Zone, or the fact that those dolls wouldn't stop staring. Either way, I have never been a doll person.

When I was little, my aunt made me a gorgeous doll, a Bo Peep (Emily got Red Ridinghood, and I was always a little jealous. I also had a baby doll that was crocheted into a blanket...Eeya...). I humored her while she was in town, but as soon as she was gone, the doll went up into the closet, was turned around, and put behind a pillow. Why did I keep it? I don't know. It just seemed wrong to waste a perfectly good doll, no matter how creepy it was or how scared it made me.

Well, Eva has been showing "mother tendencies." She has been running around the house dubbing everything with a head and two legs a baby. Her most favorite was Joshua's lamby, but as soon as Eva showed interest in the stuffed sheep, Joshua became very protective.

I decided that perhaps Eva needed a doll. So, I opened my closet, reached for the top shelf, and pulled down Bo Peep.
"BABY!" Eva squealed, reaching for the creepy doll.

She gently kissed Bo, and cooed at her. She has been carrying her around, and as of today, has been trying to "feed" her. I don't know where she got that from. She will probably end up having 12 children.

I found Bo making her way through the cupboards this afternoon.

I guess she was feeling peckish after Eva doused her in juice.


Katscratchme said...

Dolls give me the jibblies too.

Funny though, I was always jealous of your Bo Peep doll, her dress was so fancy. Unfortunately, since Audrey has inherited Red Ridinghood, her cape has lost it's string and her muffler has gone missing. I have to take credit for her flat hair though, that was my fault. It was terribly weird that it was grey though...

Tara said...

AWW! That's so sweet!! Cierra has never really been into dolls or babies, which makes me a little sad. I have always loved dolls - though I admit that THAT particular doll is a little creepy... But your motherly little baby loves it - lol! She's so cute (:

Tiffany said...

That's a cute doll. With two boys the whole doll thing is non-existent in our home. But I'll get a girl eventually!

Trillium said...

I had dolls, too, that mostly got neglected and ignored. I knew I was "supposed" to play with them, and occasionally I would, but it seemed so silly to pretend that they were babies. It was much more fun dressing up the cats in doll clothes and wrapping them in a doll blanket, placing them in a basket, and then lowering the basket with a rope from the second floor bedroom window . . . . . for some reason the cats didn't think it was much fun.

boepoutl--Bo 'eep Out l?

shydandelion said...

Whoa. Now I know where I got the whole cat abusing thing from. Just kidding! No, Emily and I would mostly just drag Sugar and AJ up and down the yard on their leashes. Or put plastic bags on their feet...or rubberbands in the mouths...Sheesh, I am surprised I am not a serial killer!

Savannah Weech said...

hehehehe, me and my sister would get hair ties and tie the cats back feet together, and watch them "wheel-barrow" around. It was pretty dang funny, but I kind of feel bad about it now.

Rebecca said...

i like dolls... I have several.

dressing cats seems to run in the family. my children do it too.

they also terrorize "Chiana" by putting clumps of soap suds on her head and watch her try to run away from them... it's actually very funny.

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