Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Name Game

After yesterday's oh-so-dull blog, I decided to have some interactive fun! Sort of...

I suppose I could have done a side-bar poll, but I am bored, so bear with me.

We have been trying to decide on names for our baby, and I am allowing you all here, on my very own blog, to state your opinion (not that it will really matter or effect our decision, but I am trying to make you feel loved. Ha ha ha!). We really want to stick to family names, and some of those are french so don't freak out.

Boy Names:

First Names:

Jeremiah (A variation on a theme)

Jonah (I am the whale)

Jude (as in Jude Law, not Judas Iscariot.)

Middle Names:

Armand (Herman, in regular English, but that may not work since the only Herman in our family was questionable...although, the kid's intials would be JAC, and that would be so cool to be able to call him Jack!)

Michael (anybody know a particularily nasty Michael? I didn't think so.)

Etienne (A little weird, I know, but it is the French form of Peter, and the Apostle Peter was awesome. You can't tell me he wasn't.) *I have been corrected. Etienne is STEPHEN. I knew that, but I am brain dead.*

Girl Names:

First Names:

Bella (No, not Isabella, and NO definately NOT after Bella from the "Twilight" series. Just Bella. Like the guy who played Dracula.)

Angel/Angelle (As in AN GELL, not AIN GLE)

Haven (Eva, Haven, wouldn't it be cute?? We would have two similar names!)

Middle Names:

Rose (I wanted to go for Rosalin, but Jeremy gagged).

Adelaide (I am a sucker for fancy names. I mean, Eva's middle name is Genevieve.)

So, there you go. Give me your votes!


Savannah Weech said...

I like Etiene...I'm all for funky names. But Bella is out for me. Even if you didn't name her after Bella from Twilight, you know everyone and their dog would think that you did, and you don't want your kid with that stigma. And if you like not common names, Ava and Emma and Bella are out, because they all made the top 10 names in 2008. I know, I checked. Emma was #1, which is too bad, because when I have a little girl, that's what I want her name to be. What about Vivian?

shydandelion said...

Nope, no Vivians in my family. :P

Tina said...

When she is in school, I'm sure no one will say, "Hmm, Bella huh? Did your mom name you after Bella from Twilight?" I really like the sound of Bella Rose Card. It sounds sweet as a rose... As for the boys... I have a hard time liking boys names so I'm no help. Tyler really wanted Michael for our little one but my high school boyfriend's middle name was Michael so that was a definite no for me but he was really nice so Michael is a good name... good luck.

Tara said...

I vote Jude Armand (JAC) for a boy and Bella Rose for a girl (although I like Adelaide better, Rose just seems to flow so well with Bella). I hope you have a lot of fun deciding!

Trillium said...

Thoughts that popped into my mind about the names

Jeremiah was a bullfrog (song)

Michael Jackson :(

Jude the Obscure (Thomas Hardy novel)

Etienne is actually Stephen not Peter (Pierre is Peter)

Jac... Jacques


Lida Rose (song)

Katscratchme said...

I like Jeremiah Armand. It has a nice ring to it.
I have known several Michaels that have been real stinkers so I'm not fond of the name myself. I understand your reasons for liking it, so that's all I'll say.

I actually don't like any of the first names for girls you picked out. :(
I do, however, like Adelaide Rose. :P

shydandelion said...

I KNEW I was off with Etienne! Chalk it up to pregnancy crazies. But, Stephen was cool too, so either way...I should have checked before I defiled my blog. LOL!

Bethany said...

Because you asked, not because you care. ;)

Jude Armand .... that really rolls off the tongue and the initials JAC are super cute.

My dad's name is Michael, so how could I not be a fan of that? We actually plan on using that if we have another boy.

For girls and based on your defenses, Haven Adelaide is the winner for me. Although, when you are trying to curse their names because they are getting into trouble (who does that anyway?) Eva and Haven together could be quite the tongue twister.

Happy baby naming!

Zaphod said...

How about:

Boy: John Ronald Reuel with the nickname "Tollers"? Too obvious?

Girl: Edith Goldberry -- Not quite so obvious....

The only serious imput I had in the naming of our children was with you.

Word verification came up with "Dingual", a name that works regardless of whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

shydandelion said...

Okay, Dad...that was just weird.

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