Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gifts from the heart

I am HUGE on themes. So, every year, I look up what each anniversary theme is. This year, the 6th year, was the iron and candy anniversary (I really wish they would tell you why...? Does it mean that by the sixth year you are hardened, but have a candy coating??? Hmmmm....). Last year, Jeremy and I put a LOT, and I mean A LOT, of effort into our gifts for each other. I started working on mine in March (That was our wood anniversary). This year, since I couldn't really craft anything out of iron, and making candy isn't really my forte, I surfed the web looking for good ideas. No dice. Unless I wanted to get Jeremy a funky iron lawn stake.

I don't know where I came across it, but there was a link to the M & Ms site. So, I clicked on it, and discovered that I could put messages on M & Ms and have them in a cool (and iron) dispenser. Hey! It would fulfill both of the 6-year anniversary options! Yay!
Now, I did toil over it (Just ask Emily). I mean, the thought of giving Jeremy something that would just sit around sort of grated on my soul. It's like giving someone an elaborate paperweight. I mean, really. If your office is that windy, why have paper at all?

After I ordered the items (blue and white candies--also part of the theme--with our motto on them, "Forever and For Always."), I stewed a little about it.
And I insisted to Jeremy that he couldn't get me anything nice because my gift was silly, for all intents and purposes.

Well, Jeremy called me last night on his way home, and, in an excited tone, asked if we could exchange gifts early. I cringed a little.

"Okay," I replied. "If you want to."



So, Jeremy, some time later, came in with this giant grin on his face, and some thing else.

He abruptly moved to the side, and there, behind him, sitting on our counter top was a beautiful, white 300-watt Kitchen Aid.

My heart sank.

Jeremy was so excited.

I handed him the M & M box...

"M & Ms?!" He squealed, ripping open the box.

"I LOVE IT!" He exclaimed, taking a closer look at the dispenser.

Even though I am sure Jeremy didn't need me to, I began to list all the desirable attributes of the candy dispenser (mostly to make myself feel better).

"It has our motto on it," I said, weakly. "And I picked out the sparkly, pearlized color for the M & Ms...."

"They ARE sparkly," he grinned.

I started to sulk.

"I could have gotten your face printed on them, but I thought you might think that was weird." And then I immediately felt bad that I hadn't because somehow that would have made it better if I had.

He laughed a little, gave me a look and said, "Yeah, that would have been weird."

"And," I said, still trying to make my sad little offering valid. "I wanted to get you different colored M & Ms for the different holidays, so you have to eat them..."

Jeremy smiled, looked unsure and said, "Well, do you like it?" motioning to the kitchen appliance.

"I love it, but now I feel bad..."

"Hey, I REALLY, REALLY wanted to get it for you. You have wanted one for a long time."

"I know, but...I am disappointed for you."

"Hey, I love what you gave me! You put a lot of thought into it."


This morning, I walked into my kitchen, and my heart brimmed with joy. That Kitchen Aid, while wonderful, is only the symbol of the immense love my husband has for me. Jeremy was so excited and happy to give me such a gift. He showed me that it doesn't matter what you give, but the love you put into it--just for the purpose of bringing joy to someone you love--and he does that every day.


Zaphod said...

If I had known, I could have brought a pint of my blood over for your "iron" gift. You could have made haggis out of it in your new mixer.

See? It could have been a lot worse!

inestr: A place you don't want to be when the cuckoo arrives.

Katscratchme said...

I'm excited for you! I love that you got a Kitchen Aid! :)
Don't worry that your gift was a little on the silly side. Silly is one of the many spices of life.

Dad: Gross... seriously.

Bethany said...

Very sweet.... both gifts. :)

Kight Family said...

I think your gift was AMAZING!!! I wouldn't have thought of something so cool. I personally think a lot of gifts we give end up as paper weights but it is the thought that always matters!!!!!

But that gift was way cool!!!!!!!

Happy Belated Anniversary!!!!

Tara said...

WOW! That's so cool! I might be a backwards romantic, but what better way is there for a man to show his love and devotion than to buy you a shiny new Kitchen Aide mixer?!?! (Sadly, I bought my own...)
The M&M's dispenser is really fun, too! We had one in the office I used to work in and I became addicted. It was a really nice break from the work day. Is he taking it to use at work?

shydandelion said...

LOL! Yes, I got it so he could put it in his cublcle. :D Along with all the other trinkets I insist he brings to work...poor man!

Rebecca said...

the m'm dispenser was a very cute idea... :)

I got a kitchen aid for christmas! It is very nice.

Trillium said...

A Kitchen Aid is a VERY effective paper weight (I know from experience)! LOL

Tiffany said...

Okay, that is so cute! I think both of your gifts are awesome!

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