Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Since I am the youngest of seven kids, I never really noticed my brothers' appetites growing up. So, it took me by great surprise when Joshua started developing "Hungry Boy Syndrome." As Jen, Dad, Jeremy and I were sitting in Dad's office last Friday, Joshua ran into the room, panic on his face, and exclaimed, "I AM SO HUNGRY!"

"Go get a piece of bread...sheesh..."

(His alarm about these hunger pangs was only just trumped by his new fear that all of his teeth are going to fall out. Thanks for that, Jeremy...)

Well, it was the tip of the iceberg, my friends. About 15 minutes after Joshua eats a meal, he opens the fridge and stares into it, claiming, "I am SO hungry!" Yesterday, as I was taking my recommended "30-minute pregnancy rest," I heard the fridge open and close at least 10 times. It's probably a good thing I don't keep anything treat-like in the fridge.

And, now that I have Joshua in swim class (He is doing so well! I have my own little fish!), his appetite has gotten even greater. He is currently licking the insides of a peanut container he just emptied. No, not one of the small Planter's peanut containers. A COSTCO container. I can only imagine what it will be like when he hits puberty.


Rebecca said...

try having four boys and two of them being football players... :) why do you think we grow our own meat?

hense the two frigs and one very large freezer... :)

the only reason why we have a bathroom size pantry... :)

cooking schools should make it mandatory to feed the gonzales clan for at least a month...
cooking only gets better the more you have to do it.

Zaphod said...

The only thing better than eating a lot of food is eating it fast. Wait until Josh heads out on his first Scout outing.

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