Saturday, May 16, 2009

Why is everybody always picking on me?

I love RPGs.

I really, really do. (And that stands for role playing game, in case you didn't know.)

I usually go for all kinds, but my favorite are the ones where the character has big eyes, and a tiny little mouth, and pink hair (Think "Zelda" for your PC). I love going around and finding things in bushes, completing quests, and fighting monsters that are as equally cute as me.

So, the other day, I visited one of my favorite sites that offers RPGs, and lo and behold, they had a new game! Yay! I tried the demo, and it seemed okay, so I turned my big goo goo eyes on Jeremy, pouted my tiny mouth, and flipped my pink...uh...brown hair and asked if I could splurge a little.


So, I continued my quest!
And discovered that the cute little characters had a horrible habit of swearing. What...???

Now, you can call me a prude all you like. I don't like swearing, but I live in a world rampant with people who can't seem to find better words to express themselves that are longer than four letters. And it was especially offensive to watch cute little anime swearing. It just seemed so wrong on so many levels.

What disturbed me most was thinking of my kids playing this game some day, and them coming up to me and asking me what those words are and what they mean. I would then have to explain that they are bad words, then I would have to look into those tiny innocent faces and explain to them why they are bad and why they shouldn't use those words, and then scramble to explain why I thought it was okay for us to have such a game in our house. Double standards don't make sense to children. They shouldn't make sense to anybody.

I quickly went to the vendor website and requested a refund (Satisfaction guaranteed, right?). This is what followed:

Reason for refund.


"Other issue - I found some of the content inappropriate for my children."

A few minutes later...

"Reply to customer - Could you be more specific please? I don't think there is anything wrong with this game....."

"Reply to the software vendor - There was some language I found inappropriate--D*** and H***"

I waited...and waited....nothing.

I waited FIVE days and finally got fed up and sent another message. I think they forgot about me, or hoped I would go way.

"Reply to the software vendor - I would like a refund, please."


"Reply to customer - Are those words "d***" and "h***"? (Sorry, I couldn't soil my blog with naughty language...)Well if so, nowadays most games/movies/tv series have those, and they are not very offending words... i find it a bit sad not to play a game for such minor issues. ... for that reason, i wish you could reconsider first." (emphasis added)

Sheesh...What is this world coming to?

"Reply to the software vendor - Just because bad language is common place doesn't mean I have to allow it in my home. I have set a standard for my family. By allowing this game to be available to my children I am telling them that I am okay with that kind of language. The language in the game was completely unnecessary and didn't add to the game, but for me actually took away from it. While I don't expect to keep my children from that kind of thing, I do want to censor what it I bring into my home. I would like a refund. Thank you."

I am afraid I will have to wait till Monday to get a reply. I hope this doesn't go on much longer.


Katscratchme said...

I hope they don't dink around with you much longer. If they give you too much more trouble, perhaps you can let them know in as sweet a manner as possible that you will not buy games from them anymore and that you will find out what the software company owners name is and forward all these emails on to them...

shydandelion said...


Trillium said...

Tell them you will tell the whole WORLD on Facebook to boycott them if they don't refund your money. $$$$$$$$$ That should get their attention.

Davola said...

There are so many free RPGs out there why spend money.

"gablest" I'd like that RPG supersized, hold the bad language please.

Rebecca said...

stick to your guns. I hope they refund your money. It would be poor business practice if they don't

amy said...

I'd want a refund simply because of their attitude! That's lame!

Melanie Ann Millett said...

You. Are. Awesome.

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