Sunday, March 1, 2009

Living with Simplicity

I LOVE crepes. I had never had one until last year sometime (Or was it the year before...?). Anyway, my neighbor and I had decided to have breakfast, and since she had a crepe maker, we decided to have crepes. Now, crepe is really close to "creep" so I had my doubts...They look like sad, flat pancakes, and since I really don't like pancakes, I was preparing myself to be politely disgusted with her offering.
But, the world being the twisted thing it is, prevailed upon my taste buds, and I was instantly addicted. Every time we go to IHOP I order crepes. I LOVE CREPES!
I also love trying new recipes.
So, one day, a few weeks ago, I decided to look up a copy cat recipe of IHOP's strawberry crepes. And now, all I want to eat is strawberry crepes for the rest of my life. Yum...
The down side to crepes is they are really, REALLY bad for you. Unless you use whole-wheat flour, fat-free cream cheese, calorie-free sugar, and fat-free butter. But, that is also the recipe for playdo, and we all know how good that tastes.
Since starting the Biggest Loser contest with my fam, I have struggled trying to find a diet that works, and it has been difficult (and of course, crepes haven't been helping AT ALL.). This kind of thing always makes the rusty old wheels in my head turn. I have tried EVERYTHING, and have even contemplated doing bad things to lose weight (like diet pills, that kind of stuff. Don't worry, I haven't gone over the edge!), but I know that the "get something for nothing" isn't right, and half the time, the companies promoting that kind of thing are lying through their teeth.
Meanwhile, we have been having a difficult time getting Eva to eat normal food, due, probably, to the fact that we have an awful lot of crackers in the house. In the morning after she drinks her milk, she runs to the pantry and bangs on the door. CRACKERS!
I realized that it was probably those crackers that have made Eva not want regular food, and Joshua also doesn't want to eat anything but crackers when we have them.
Since I usually care more about their health over my own, I thought, "You know, if we didn't buy that kind of food, they would eat the good stuff..." And of course my brain is screaming at me that it would do me good as well.
That is when I thought, "Maybe I should simplify...Just have good, whole foods, no crackers or that kind of junk. Just the stuff that comes off of bushes or trees or whatever." I mean, really, have you ever heard of a person dying because they had high cholesterol from apples? I didn't think so. I am hoping that by choosing a simple way of living, that my stress will go down, we will all get healthy, and I can stop counting calories and driving myself crazy.
What made me think of it was a General Conference talk, and the speaker talked about Thoreau's time at Walden Pond. I think I would like to make my life one big experience at Walden Pond...Simplicity...Ah....


Trillium said...

Me too! "Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!"

Katscratchme said...

Simplicity is Audrey's bread and butter.
Right now, breakfast is oatmeal, lunch is mac and cheese and dinner is usually half-eaten because it's something new.
We tried giving her some yummy cinnamon roll this morning for breakfast. All she wanted was the strawberries. "Awwberries"
Never mind that the roll was nearly pure sugar...

Jen said...

I'd like to simplify - - like you don't pay money to anyone - you barter and trade. . . or you just live off the land and by the skills of your own hands. If you don't do well - it's your own stinking fault!!!

Rebecca said...

simplicity is nice. I love that we have chickens. I haven't purchased a carton of eggs in a very long time. Our eggs are yummy. It's also nice having all the fruit trees and a garden.

In fact we worked in the yard again this last Saturday and have pruned back the trees and bushes and fixed the watering system. We will be planting a formal garden and will also have a green house this year.

Living off the land is pretty fun.

Tara Barnett said...

I have been tempted to do that a MILLION times, but lack the will power. Let me know what changes stick and maybe I will find the strength to follow suit (if I can't have will power I can at least submit to peer pressure, right?!)

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