Friday, February 6, 2009

If it ain't broke...

The other day, I decided to take Jenny's approach to some cooking alternatives. She told me you can successfully swap oil with applesauce, and still come out with some thing edible. I have tried this in the past, and perhaps it was because I was so young and had new taste buds, but everything tasted like apple sauce. If I wanted my food to taste like apple sauce I would just eat apple sauce.
So, I, with a nervous hand, plopped the apple sauce into my banana nut muffin batter, and waited with baited breath to see if my muffins would mutate. They were PERFECT. They even tasted BETTER than the original recipe (which is why I, with ne'er a pang of guilt, ate 6 straight from the oven. Joshua like them too, and ate the other half of the dozen.)
I was feeling pretty confident in my mad swapping skills (hehehe!) and today, I decided to venture down another road: Switch the butter in my peanut butter cookies.
Ah, but that's not ALL I did, oh no, no, no. Along with switching the oil in the muffins, I also halved the white flour and replaced it with whole, so I thought I would do the same with the cookies. I replaced the following:

Flour: Wheat flour
Butter: Apple sauce
Brown Sugar: Honey

The batter fizzed a little, like it was evolving or something...the primordial goo of cookies perhaps...? I tasted the super sticky batter, and it was alright, except for the overly honey taste. But I thought I could live with that.
I popped them in the oven, and waited...DING!
I opened the oven to see these big peanut butter puff balls. This has happened before with my cookies, but they just needed a minute to deflate a little, so I wasn't worried. They didn't deflate.
I lifted them from the pan and noticed right away how heavy they were...No matter, it was okay...the cookies stayed puffed up, and looked like little bricks. I smashed them down with the pancake turner, and they sprang back up and started barking.
At this point I knew something had gone terribly wrong...
I tentatively picked up a cookie, broke it in half and, cringing a little, took a bite.
I instantly threw the rest of the cookies into the sink and threw the rest of the batter down the drain.
They were NASTY.

Joshua came in a few minutes later, and asked for a cookie.
"Josh, they are GROSS. And I am not kidding this time! G R O S S!"
"No, that's okay," he said, pulling a cookie out of the sink, and popping it in his mouth. E W W.
"They're good!" He said, grabbing another and running outside.
I walked to the sink, picked up a semi-soggy cookie and took a little bite, just in case my taste buds had been mistaken. Nope. They were right the first time, and the cookie's time in the sink hadn't improved it.
So, I currently have REAL peanut butter cookie dough in the fridge firming up...I think I deserve it.


Tara Barnett said...

I want your muffin recipe!

Trillium said...

It's hard to fool the taste buds once you KNOW what's in the recipe. And the more you try to pretend that you DON'T KNOW what's in the recipe, the more that's all you can taste! Joshua "benefited" from NOT knowing he was eating adulterated food. Ignorance is bliss. LOL

Anonymous said...

I don't know...after the second cookie his enthusiasm waned... :D

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