Sunday, February 8, 2009

The greatest machine

I am completely amazed by the human body.
Yesterday, I was looking up some research on water, and I learned some awesome things.
You know when you drink lots of water, and you end up running to the potty all the time? Wanna know something cool?? The water you are expelling is OLD water your body is getting rid of, and the water you are drinking is replacing it!
The human body holds on to water, even TOXIC water, just so it can survive! Isn't that amazing??? They say it takes about a week for your body to get rid of the old stuff, if you are dilligent in drinking clean water (of course, I don't know why you would drink dirty water...). And you know what else? In your body, the liver's primary job is the deal with fat. Your kidneys work as filters. If your body doesn't have sufficent water, the kidney's don't work properly, and so your liver takes over. The human body is the most complex machine that has ever, or will ever, be built. And it was no accident.
I don't understand how people can look at the world and all that is on it, especially human beings, and not think that God has created it all. There is no way random bits of matter crashed into eachother and made everything and everyone we behold. This earth is organized, even to the most minute detail.

I am so grateful to know that. I, and everyone else, was created carefully, down to the tiniest element, by a loving Heavenly Father.


Trillium said...

Amen! I think that flowers are also an exquisite creation. They could have been made to be merely utilitarian, but they were made beautiful. A Careful Artist was at work designing such variety.

Darwinists like to point to the similarities in the DNA of mice and men, as if to say, "men aren't very far removed from being this lower creature." Obviously, the huge DIFFERENCES between mice and men cannot be accounted for by their DNA, but in something else. That "something else" cannot be examined under a microscope--and here is where science ends (and fails).

Tara Barnett said...

I'm in my last semester of physiology/anatomy this semester and the same types of thought have come to me over and over again. Every system is so incredibly complex on its own, but then you add in the fact that our bodies run by coordinating multiple systems that are interdependent. For example, there are special pressure sensitive nerves in your cardiovascular system that, when triggered, send a signal to your brain, triggering it to send a signal to your kidneys, which then release a hormone that is converted into another hormone in your lungs that signals your body to retain more water. And that's the simplified version! Crazy, eh? Now I understand why it takes 12+ years to become a doctor...

Tiffany said...

It is amazing isn't it. The human body is so incredible! And you make me want to go drink a lot of water! :)

Katscratchme said...

It's sortof funny to me when scientists can't explain something - they ignore it, hoping we don't notice.
For example, Ben briefly watched a program on the assassination of JFK. They were talking about the bullet that killed him and saying that it didn't zig zag like people used to say it did. Ben kept yelling at the TV, "What about all the other bullets?!" LOL

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