Thursday, February 19, 2009

Echos of a crazy voice

This morning, as I was coughing away, I heard a little sound behind me:
"Cough," it said politely.
I thought it a little strange, and continued my routine. I sat down at the computer, blew my nose (TMI, I know...), and I heard:
I looked down at my adorable daughter.
She smiled and looked pleased with herself.
I have an echo.
It seems reasonable that my echo would be tiny.

My voice has returned (mostly)! And just in the nick of time...
Yesterday, as I was trying to talk to Joshua with my crazy half-voice, he looked disturbed and said,
"Stop talking to me like that."

I am hoping my kiddies don't catch my sickness... I looked up my two problems, and they are VERY contagious, but Josh seems okay so far, and Eva just has a runny nose and a slight cough (But she had that before I got sick.). I have no fear for Jeremy. He has this crazy anti-sick gene. No matter what any of us get, he never gets sick. Maybe it's his naturally cheery disposition...?

So, hopefully we will all be healthy soon, so we don't have to be quarantined in the house anymore.


Trillium said...

It is only fitting that you have a little echo, because you also used to be a little echo. But, you had so many more people to echo that you were echoing all the time. :)

Rebecca said...

That was cute. Joshua was probably afraid that something "bad" had happened and was quite disturbed by your "new" voice.

It made me laugh.

Tara Barnett said...

That is so funny about Joshua! I can just imagine him being a little frieked out. Lol! I'm glad you are starting to feel better and I hope the rest of your family can escape catching it. Good luck!

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