Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sweet Jumbalia!

I had a friend in high school named Zach. He was really tall and had a deep, resonant voice. Anytime he thought something was awesome he would say, in a southern accent, "Sweet Jumbalia!" I LOVED it. It was very entertaining and it has stuck with for over 10 years.
So, I say to all about my trip so far "SWEET JUMBALIA!" (Consequently, the first time I had Jumbalia, I loved it. I think the taste was enhanced by the memory of good ol' Zach. How could you NOT?)
Besides the freaky, life-like dolls strewn about Becky and Victor's home, it is quite pleasant and fun here (I could SWEAR one was following me down the hallway...creapy)! Becky and Victor have been trying to cheat and spoil my diet, and since I have a weak will, it is working. Between the muddy-buddy-cadbury-egg-like chocolate-covered toffee pistachios, they have been shoveling spoonfuls of guacamole (made with 100% fat-full cream cheese, that walked up to me, introduced itself, and then promptly slid down my throat, split into a millions spheres and filled my fat cells to bursting point.) salsa, Boston Market, and in about 30 seconds they are going to force me to eat something called Chile Verde (complete with fried rice, beans, and a bucket of softened vegetable shortning with a chilled spoon. They are classy, what can I say?). I feel like a turkey being stuffed. But I LOVE it! YES!
So, I have resigned myself to becoming extremely fat in the next few days. I can pick up on my diet next week. Or something.
On our docket for the next fews days are a trip to Solvang, and maybe, possibly, potentially, hopefully, a trip to DISNEYLAND! (no matter how exciting I made it sound Becky kept giving me a blank look. It went something like this: "Becky, we could go to Solvang, but we could go to DISNEYLAND! instead." Blank look. "DISNEYLAND!" More blank, and slightly annoyed look. "D I S N E Y L A N D!" Blank glare. "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL!!! IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL!" Oh well....) DISNEYLAND! Sorry, couldn't help myself.
Did you know that Becky and Victor have a slop bucket they keep in the kitchen?? They have two pigs (sadly, I have to break the news to you all the Charlotte, the pig who spun webs and sang catchy songs, passed into the next life.) and anything they don't eat they give to the pigs. Becky insists that her pigs are funny, and set one loose on me and laughed the whole time I was dodging the darn pig "Isn't that hysterical?? HAHAHAHAH!" My turn for blank glare... (I have come to the conclusion that if Becky and Victor really don't like you, your meals will probably come from the slop bucket. They keep in the kitchen just in case. As it is, they are going all out. It is really nice not to cook. )
Well, it is time for me to say Toodle Loo. Jeremy just plopped the slop bucket in front of me and said "This is for you with compliments from the cook." "Hey, wait a minute..." I didn't even get a spoon...Oh well...
P.S. Holy SCHMOLY! Becky and Victor should open a restaurant! SWEET JUMBALIA!


Trillium said...

I wish somebody would come and cook for me!

Of course, I could make enough Jambalaya to last for a week and eat it at every meal. Yeah, that's the ticket.

shydandelion said...


Rebecca said...

Summer, the pig had fun chasing the Card clan... :) And it was really funny.

We had chile verde for dinner tonight.

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