Monday, January 5, 2009


I hate Utah. HATE HATE HATE!
I just spent the last hour and a half on the stupid freeway.
In 11 feet of snow.
With 1200 losers.
Who only blocked traffic because they were busy looking at the accident that was completely pulled off to the side, and completely out of the way.
So, I succeeded in driving all the way up the American Fork (What the...?) and then turned around. It was HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE I SAY!
I think at one point, there were six lanes of traffic, and I think I was in one of the made up lanes. It would explain all the looks I was getting.
When I finally got OFF the freeway, I think I was actually on the sidewalk for part of the way home, but I couldn't be sure.
I don't know why snow is so charming before Christmas, but I have to tell you, any charm it MIGHT have has TOTALLY worn off.
Now I need a nap, and I think I am going to put my kids in bed in 5 minutes. Joshua insisted on asking where we were going, and each time I answered, he would ask again. And then he started screaming when I told him we weren't going to pick up daddy after all, and I had to listen to him throw a localized tantrum in his carseat.
Sigh...I hope spring comes soon.


Trillium said...

Ear plugs! that's the ticket! Turn up the music! sing at the top of your lungs! Laugh!

Sorry. I know. Driving in a blizzard is awful. When you finally get home safely, you just want to have a nice quiet nervous breakdown.

Katscratchme said...

You should have Jeremy get a job at the Labs down here.. :) We get snow.. but not like that. LOL. I remember the worst year we've had in recent memory consisted of about 2 feet of snow.. and it was completely gone in 3 days.. They cancelled church one Sunday because of it.. LOL!

Rebecca said...

I don't miss the snow. However, when we decided to leave Ventura county and lets say go to Kern county it gets pretty scarey when there are dark scary clouds - SNOW every where.

Victor and I drove to Bakersfield on Saturday and it was very cold and it started to rain. I was concerned that it would snow. I asked Victor if we were going to get stuck in Bakersfield and he assured me that it wouldn't snow.

He was right. It didn't snow - just very cold and wet.

Zaphod said...

Snow? Where? This isn't snow; this is merely cloud dandruff. I remember when I was a kid. We had to walk 13 miles to school in a blinding snowstorm every day for a month, uphill both ways.... No... wait a minute... That was my Dad.

shydandelion said...


amy loo said...

I love Utah!

You should live in my little town.

No traffic jams...EVER.

No back-ups due to morons who can't drive in the snow...EVER.

No waiting in the car for 3 hours because someone was texting or driving too fast...EVER.


Oh, and did I mention there's no where to go around here?


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